Young and aged beauty.

Young and elder beauty.

Young and old, beauty is all in the eye of the beholder. I often start work early and get a seriously good peek at the rising sun. Most beautiful to watch and I stop to take it all in. This photo was taken recently of an early morn and the sight was awesome. Here’s to a Young Day.

Young Beauty: Good morning World from a Cornish sunrise in Newlyn across Mounts Bay with sunrays blindingly reflecting in the waters. So gorgeous.

Good morning World, was my thought as I watched this spectacular sunrise from the hills of Newlyn. Not only the golden sunrays lashing the waters of Mounts Bay but the burning sky above too. Better than any gold.

Looking around in gardens I spy some beautiful arrivals. Agapanthus with it’s full round head of blooms in white and blue are splendid. This little tyke is just about to start that journey. Another Young Beauty.

Agapanthus just opening up and about to display it's full head of blooms shortly. Little blue buds give away that this one is blue in colour.

After a good lot of rain I spy seagulls in absolute trance doing their dance on the grass. They look great and are so absorbed with their teasing out worms they seem hypnotised. I have put a small clip on my FB page if you’d like to admire them too. Primarily, as I walk around the local areas, the colours of our flora strikes me. Pastel pinks blues and off  whites from a great big bush of hydrangea was so refreshing. I just have to share it with you on a mizzly day like today! Mizzle of course comes from misty and drizzle. Perfect word for our weather this Thursday! Such a change to a few days ago with sunshine, heat and beach weather!

A newbie in our yard.

In an effort to cheer ourselves up, we fetched a new toy. It is not a Young Beauty.

Toy or not? This 1100 Honda Pan European motorcycle is a wonderful bike for long tours with top box and two side panniers.

Bragging about 25 years on the road already, this one is tried and tested. An elder Beauty in her own right, I feel.

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Until next time, stay happy safe and well!

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