Woodland in Cornwall.

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Woods and woodland in Cornwall.

Woodland have been chopped down and used or sold in Cornwall over time. Not much remains in the south west but I have found a small place I call heaven. Most weeks I go there more than once to walk around with my dog and breathe in the gorgeous aromas. In autumn, especially after rain, when the sun comes out and warms everything up it creates special scents. Both my dog ad I love the Cornish woods.

Our dog, a red Kelpi taking in the aromas of the warmed up woodland on a path through sunlit trees. Trees form an avenue of the path. Sightseeing nature in Cornwall with Alvajoan.

As we stroll through, I notice the sunlight breaking through the canopy of trees above. It looks wonderful.

Canopy of trees form a ceiling in the woodland, sprinkled with sunlight sparking of greens and autumn colours. Truly magnificent display. View scenery of Cornwall on day trips with Alvajoan.

Where we go for walks, there is a stream nearby so drinks are available after steaming up in the woodland.

Stream bubbling down towards the sea straight past local woodland. Super place for a drink after a cracking walk. Tour Cornwall with Alvajoan.

Autumn sunrise.

Mounts Bay on a quiet morning provides the ‘mirror’ for sunrises that make them spectacular. Reflections in the ‘millpond’ are gorgeous. The other morning I caught such a sunrise with colours that were awesome. Never sure they look as good in photo though. What do you think?

Sunrise in multi-colour mirrored in Mounts Bay waters glinting like a mirror. Awesome scenery to behold. Day trips sightseeing and tours of Cornwall by Alvajoan.

View through my works window.

I read this on social media the other day and it occurred to me that I probably have the best views from my works window. Most days I go places of absolute beauty and all I have to do is take photos and enjoy the scenery of my day. On a day trip to Porthgwarra I got this:

Sun gleams in the Celtic Sea off Penberth Cove where this stunning photo founds its birth. In the horizon, very pale colours blend the sunlit seawater of royal blue with the paler skies above. Amazing views. Tour with Alvajoan.

It must be difficult to NOT find scenery, views and objects to paint and sketch in Cornwall. For my part, I find myself incessantly getting my camera out taking photos. Just so much to show off in Cornwall 🙂

Another day, we went to Mousehole and en route I saw this beauty:

A sailing boat in Mounts Bay on waters that look like glass. In the background, the sandy beaches of Marazion. A hazy sunny day gives multi colours in the skies above. Come see for yourself with Alvajoan in Cornwall on tours day trips and sightseeing.

A single sailing boat in a sun-drenched Mounts Bay.

On Friday 28th September we visited Marazion with it’s long golden sandy beach where horses were ridden. A wind surfer in the bay enjoying a little breeze. Sun-worshippers on the beach catching sun rays. Wonderful blue sky with fluffy cream clouds above and the blue seas of the bay. With scenery like this, what’s not to be happy about?

On this day, 89 years ago, a young girl was born. Her name was Alva and her name is used today in our business name. Party on girl, wherever you are! Happy birthday!

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BUT whatever you do and wherever you go – ENJOY YOURSELF!

Happy weekend all.





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