Wisteria time in Kernow.

Wisteria in Cornwall.

Wisteria is flowering madly in Cornwall and drooping with it’s pastel colours over walls and buildings. Such petite daintiness with a starker spot and competing for favour with flowering rhododendrons. Just like our native bluebells, they seem to prefer the older hedgerows and stone walls where they thrive well.

Wisteria just loves hanging off anything and has leapt the fence here snaking it's way down the stone walls. Beautiful Kernow in photos right now. Alvajoan of Cornwall on tours.

Thank you wisteria for being cheery, colourful and all over.

On the Kernow coast.

Pinks or thrifts come in all shades of pink and decorate our Cornish coastline beautifully from April/May until late summer early autumn every year. Somehow they seem to make the sea look even more colourful than usual and absolutely thrive in old style stone hedges with salty winds to boot. Sightseeing natural Cornwall with Alvajoan.

Our Celtic Sea looks great out there at the moment, assisted by thrifts in all shades of pink. Seals playing below in the waters makes for a splendid afternoon of fun on a day trip. Cormorants fishing, taking long dives and then re-appearing further down the coast. Quite fascinating to watch. I do a short video clip on our FB page when I am out working and the other day was from Lamorna Cove. Do feel free to join us on FB, Twitter and Instagram where regular outpourings are registered.

Wisteria and World Bee Day 2019.

Yesterday was World Bee Day for this year and in commemoration I found some local flora planted just for insects. By our Rotary sponsored boating pond in Penzance there are plantations just for insects. This super flower stood out a mile …

Official bee day enticed me to get a photo of some local plantations for insects and this wonderfully red plant stood out a mile. There are several areas by Penzance boating pool planted just for insect life and they are popular not just with the animals but also dog walkers and locals. Kernow with Alvajoan,

Little forget-me-nots and other plainer flowers were there in abundance and then these in stark crimson and reds. Gorgeous mix! All of a sudden, the peace was shattered as a crow caught a small bird and carried it away. There’s nature for you! At the back of the boating pond there is a stream. My dog loves getting a drink and his feet wet there.

Beach this week.

A corner of Perranuthnoe beach found it’s way into my blog this week as it was splendid on our visit. And here it is:

Perranuthnoe beach is a long shallow sandy Cornish beach used by swimmers, surfers, sun worshippers and ramblers altogether. With several cafe's and a pub not far this is a superb place for hours on a sunny day. Daytrips with Alvajoan.

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