Wintertime 2019.

Wintertime 2019.

Wintertime for 2019 just started over the weekend gone. Amazingly, the weather seem to know to get worse all by itself then! If it was down to me, I’d rather stay on same time all the time and retain the pleasant weather all year round. This sight greeted me with a swoosh this morning outside our window.

Wintertime 2019: Looking out of my window this grey windy wet autumn morning I shrugged my shoulders and had a cuppa. Grand cloud patterns above but not terribly inviting to go out in. Alvajoan in October mist.

A certain ruggedness comes over the landscape and creates greys in so many versions. Stormy weather looks great from a distance but there’s always someone getting too close. Recently two people got away with their lives. Others have not been so lucky in the past. Be careful out there watching the fabulous stormy weather. Waves come in JUST LIKE THAT and the water is far more powerful than us. On a bleak day I saw these and cheered up!

Wintertime 2019: Bright blue flowers struck me so cheery in the rain and wet. They were dripping but looked so wonderful with dark green leaves. Our mild climate in Cornwall sends spring flowers mad in autumn. Alvajoan au naturel

Such vivid blue and stark green tones just lit up my walk with the dog that day!

Gardens and greens.

In our gardens we may prepare for Halloween – maybe even like this gardener.

A scary garden with pirate scare crows and gholies just in time for Halloween along the Cornish coast. Great!

Among other figures, we even saw a pirate scarecrow to celebrate the event locally this week! Such good fun to see as we strolled along the seafront road between Newlyn and Mousehole on a fine sunny day.

Trees grow the most amazing things. This tree appears to have been growing a beard!

Wintertime 2019: These fluffy residues from local trees looks like it is growing a beard. Or it has been snowing ... Either is quite a statement for a tree! Alvajoan in nature

Certainly made us grin as we mused at it!

Country roads - take me home - this road certainly takes me home. On top of hills in Penwith overlooking Lanyon Quoit in the distance and just missing Ding Dong Mine remains to my right in the photo. A wonderful sunny day last week before the clocks changed! Alvajoan on the road

On the road last week, I adored the views from hills near Ding Dont Mine, which is just off to the right. In the distance loiters Lanyon Quoit and the weather was a dream! -“Country roads, Take me home ….”

Just cannot get enough of the bright and so defined colours of the Cornish landscape. Here from just north of Zennor on the coast with a lovely blue sky, sunshine, darker blue seas, green land separated by ancient hedges and hills with old forts, quoits and more. What's not to LOVE here? Alvajoan in love

A final photo from last week comes from just north of Zennor along the coast. The magical colours of sky, sea, land, vegetation and ancient hedges are just mind-blowing. Enjoy!

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