Winter storms in Cornwall UK.

Stormy winter weather in Cornwall UK.

It is with care that we travel to the coast and watch the storms arriving and battering winter Cornwall. Our county has a lot of coastline and the ruggedness of winter is resplendent to see all around. Having restored an old mobile home to a level where we can again use it, we travel with smiles all over. Built in 1972, Nippy has been around the block once or twice.

Ford Cortina MK3 with Starcraft 'pregnant' looking body for home facilities onboard makes this mobile home look like somthing out of Thunderbirds so we call it Thunderbird 6. She is based with us in Cornwall UK and we travel all round with her even winter time.

Her number plate gave her the nickname NIPPY which is FAR from a truthful description of capacity. She does however put a huge grin on our faces as we travel around. As I blog on I will get more photos of outside and inside in time. Now onto findings this weekend on our travels …

Portreath in winter Cornwall UK.

Got some super snaps of our visit to Portreath over the weekend. The 2 surfers braving mother nature’s surf disappeared in the waves all the time so do not appear in my pics. I have selected one as my feature image and the rest are below.

Waves rolling in with plenty froth at Portreath Cornwall UK where in early January 2018 the protecting harbour wall was broken through by storm Eleanor.

From a distance it looks like the Celtic Sea waves are forming a shroud around Portreath lighthouse as the waves batter land mid-January 2018 in windy winter weather.

Celtic Sea aka the Atlantic throwing super waves at Portreath lighthouse showering the building in spray and froth mid-January 2018 in Cornish winter weather UK.Portreath in winter Cornwall UK lighthouse being washed by local waves absolutely drenching it every wave coming in. Mid January 2018.

It is a little scary with the strong winds at times along the roads but the exhilaration of viewing makes up for it BIG TIME 🙂

Our Instagram page has pics most days and YouTube channel get regular video clips.

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Laters and stay safe dry and in one piece on the roads,

Alvajoan of Cornwall / Kernow.


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