View through the car window recently …

View through the car window in Mounts Bay Cornwall UK.

Admiring the view through my car window whilst travelling home via coast road at Penzance, I was pleased. At least 30 people were playing in

Mount Bay clear water through car window with surfers playing happily on sunny afternoon whilst on tour with Alvajoan


the bay with surf- and paddle boards, You may be able to see them if you enlarge the photo.

A blue sky with fluffy white clouds mixed with afternoon sunrays made this a wonderful afternoon to enjoy.

On my way to and from work I often travel the coast road. I feel blessed with such magnificent scenic views to start and finish my working days.

To join us on chauffeur-guided tours of Cornwall – contact us in good time and make your reservation. We delight in making each private tour bespoke to Your wishes and just right.

All of us @ Alvajoan of Cornwall

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