Wheal Prosper in Cornwall.

Wheal Prosper on day trip.

Wheal Prosper, as seen in the TV Poldark series, can be visited on sightseeing tour with Alvajoan of Cornwall. This memento to mining days gone by in Cornwall towers on Rinsey Head overlooking the sea.

Majestic on top of Rinsey Head stands Wheal Prosper looking all grand in the sunshine today. Below, the swell of the incoming tide created large waves, froth and noise to boot. It was just like in the Poldark series. Experience Cornwall with Alvajoan.

Today on my visit, the tide was coming in providing some great waves and background noise. There is a short film on our FB page and I have put a link in for ease. I can quite see how this provided food for Graham Winston’s Poldark books.

At Rinsey Head is the Poldark famous Wheal Prosper looking glorious in today's sunshine with blue sky. They were all brave people working down mineshafts ... Tour Cornwall with Alvajoan and experience Poldark.

On the side of the building is a plaque commemorating this now wellknown name.

Wheal Prosper 1860 plaque on old mining building at Rinsey Cornwall UK. Just like in Poldark. Alvajoan for your every travel, tour, day trip and sightseeing event.

On my visit today, firstly it struck me how wonderful it all looked despite the chilly northerly wind. Sun shone brightly on the waves, consequently it all looked very placid and calm. It is important not to be taken in with looks as can be seen and heard in film linked above.

Sunhine glinting in the sea which looks quite calm in thes photo. A few fluffy white clouds are in the horizon of the blue sky above. It may not have been warm in the chilly northerly wind but the sun made it feel much nicer! Alvajoan of Cornwall on tours and travel.

Newlyn harbour.

Penlee lifeboats are based in Newlyn harbour since many years back. This particular Sunday we walked past, both boats were getting ready to go out on shout. The crews on all these boats around our country do a fabulous job and deserves our depth of gratitude. We all draw breath and wish them a swift and safe return every time a shout is called.. Also in the harbour are our local fishing fleet. They also need good wishes in their endeavours to catch fish and avoid other not so friendly fishing fleets. Moored by pontoons are also yachts and smaller private vessels. It can get very busy in Newlyn harbour.

Newlyn harbour with Penlee lifeboat crews in centre getting ready to go out. Newlyn is always busy with fishing industry, copperworks, artists painting and creating in every way. It is a gift to take visitors through and show off our rich traditions on sightseeing daytrips and tours with Alvajoan.

A number of Pubs have survived in Newlyn and through the windows of most, one can catch a glimpse of the harbour area. This was from Red Lion over the weekend with sunshine to boot!

There are still quite a few public houses in Newlyn and most face the harbour area. This photo catches the entrance to the harbour and a fishing fleet in harbour on a Sunday afternoon from the Red Lion. Tour with Alvajoan and experience the delights of LOCAL in Cornwall.

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