• Autumn leaves seeds and acorns on tree branches in wet autumn in Cornwall
  • Fungi in dark red colours sat deep in lush green wet autumn grass in Cornwall UK
  • The magic of trees in Godolphin woods where seemingly one tree grows together with at least one other in Cornwall UK covered in green moss from wet and moist surroundings
  • Fungi in the woods in Cornwall this autumn looking like a marble in wet lush green moss
  • Blue marble multi colour fungi in local Cornish woodland looked more like a stone and shone like a pin against the wet green moss
  • Oak tree with leaves in autumn colours and three acorns in wet Cornish Godolphin woods
  • White rounded fungi with brown speckles in Godolphin woods Cornwall UK with pine needles strewn all over wet woodland floor

Misty fall scenery in Cornwall this autumn.

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Wet Cornwall this autumn.

A selection of recent photos from a wet yet colourful Cornwall UK this autumn – changing every day. Winds arriving our shores are taking leaves off the trees. Fog rolls in from the sea and over hills hiding all until the sun comes out again. Surprise – it is all causing the trees to go bald!

Some wonderful fungi found on woodland walks. When the sun comes out after the rains stop, the woodland smells gorgeous.

Though weather is almost rugged now, the scenery is still worthwhile viewing. Come touring in Cornwall with us and be delighted.

We look forward to hearing from, meeting and being of service to You.

Alvajoan of Cornwall


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