West Cornwall in scenic pic’s.

Photos of scenic West Cornwall.

Whilst out and about in the last week, Alvajoan has caught some scenic photographs of our local Duchy. In between showers, misty fog and rain we have had some splendid sunny days. Temperatures have been kind to us and we have in turn enjoyed days out. A marvellous butterfly sat perfectly still for us to photograph the other day. Looked gorgeous in the sunshine – an absolute stunner.

Might this be the last of the scenic autumn butterflies? Maybe. But this was an absolute beaute. Enjoying the sunshine and sitting so still for me to capture this grand pic! Thanks! Alvajoan sightseeing in nature in Cornwall.

Part of Dacey’s Cornish Tours involves a postcard being sent from Land’s End with ‘Land’s End’ stamp as a memento.  The Tours had to be re-arranged owing to weather and wind last week and whilst visiting Land’s End, the cards were not ready. Alvajoan who provide the transport services for these tours therefore duly posted the cards from the venue afterwards.

The well known Land's End signpost on this occasion showing mileage to New York, Isles of Scilly, Longships Lighthouse, John O'Groats and Haiphong on the 20th Sep 2018 in front of a scenic wind battered Cornwall. Enjoy a tour day trip or sightseeing with Alvajoan of Cornwall inside or out of the Duchy.

For several days, St Michael’s Mount had such bad weather and poor access via causeway that as a result they remained closed.

Predictions and scenic views.

Listening to the weather reports lately, we have now reached the ‘stormy season’! In the background of the Land’s End photo you can see the swell battering the rocks below at the most westerly point of Cornwall. The winds were gusting 40 – 50 miles per hour at the time and one had to hang onto the hats.

A day later, I took a group to Penberth Cove where they paint with a tutor regularly from Newlyn School of Arts.

In the sunshine, we enjoyed watching handymen making up the sets for Poldark which is due to be filmed here soon.

Penberth Cove in West Cornwall from where fishermen go out 'crabbing' to this day. A magnificent scenic spot for a bit of painting too. Day trips with Alvajoan of Cornwall.

A very cheeky funny and entertaining chap arrived on the set too. Brendan. He is an 8-month old Irish Water Springer and absolutely gorgeous. I think he stole everyone’s hearts.

Chocolate brown in colour, looking nearly edible, with Jamaican style fur - meet Brendan, an Irish Water Springer and absolutely gorgeous. At 8 months old he is full of character and fun here posing in front of the very scenic Penberth Cove. Alvajoan on tours in Cornwall.

At Penberth Cove there is NOT ample parking and consequently right now even less so. A kindly gentlemen allowed us to park in his drive and even plied the driver with cups of tea. Thank you kindly sir.

A slowly meandering scenic stream heading to the English Channel sea by Penberth in West Cornwall with woodland one side. Sun glinting through the leafy green trees sparkling in the stream waters with an old stone bridge in the background so you can cross. Beautiful autumn day this September like the calm before the storm. Tours day trips and sightseeing with Alvajoan.

Walking from parking place to cove, this wonderful sight greeted us. Stunningly beautiful and only followed by this:

Beautiful scenic thatched cottage on road to Penberth Cove. Sightseeing with Alvajoan in Cornwall and the UK.

Naturally, we just had to take a photograph. Again!

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With wind in my hair, water on my knee and a huge smile, we wave bye bye for now.



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