Welcoming spring 2019 in Kernow.

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Welcoming spring locally.

In West Cornwall the welcoming of spring has re-emerged and become a traditional feature. With a start from The Tolcarne Inn, the Penzance May Horns parade is a flamboyantly visual and noisy greet. There are photos from this years event on Facebook. I was unable to go but fortunate enough to find some mesmerising young ladies out in this errand. One, a college student, had made these wonderful costumes. The setting for their celebration was at Men-an-Tol. Let’s call this one No. 1:

Welcoming this time of the year in costume is great! Doing it at the ancient stones of Men-an-Tol is superb! Go go girl No 1.

Background colour is white. There are tassels, leaves, brighter colours and more to the clothes and the face mask is great! Makes me think of winter dying. Shoes are brown. Here is Number 2:

Geared up to kick winter out and welcome the period before summer in a fantastic green costume with a range of attire relating to spring. Face mask here is terrific too. Sightseeing with Alvajoan around Cornwall.

Number 2 colours are in green tones on magnolia background with green shoes too. The face mask is frightening! Looks like it needs feeding. So onto number 3;

Number 3 young lady dressed to welcome this part of the year in 2019 around Men-an-Tol sacred stones in red and blue dress and a face mask with great hooter. Alvajoan in West Cornwall for your every travel need.

with blue tones on a red background and a terrific nose, they made an altogether colourful trio walking up to Men-an-Tol. Hat, nose and shoes here are yellow.

Welcoming spring 2019 in these costumes can only bode good for the young college student who made them. Welcoming spring 2019 at Men-an-Tol ancient worship site will no doubt add to the commemoration. Sightseeing with Alvajoan in Kernow GB.

The Cornish Culture Association can advise on venues and events of this traditional kind. Tomorrow is the traditional ancient Helston Flora Day and time for the Furry Dance over Lizard way.

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