Waterlife in Cornish waters.

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Waterlife is our Cornwall is varied and sometimes magic. This week I have seen a number of seals and they in turn appear to be looking at people on the shores. Very at home in the water, they are playful but do NOT want people or their gadgets getting too close. Swimming around keeping an eye on the surroundings, one seal took a look at a launched canoe, and left. Although I consider myself lucky to see and be a small part of the wildlife here, I missed the BIG event. We had a HUMPBACK WHALE in Mounts Bay! Courtesy ‘The Lone Kayaker’, I have put a link to some amazing details he filmed, photographed and saw during last week.

Green plant materials left on the sandy beach when the tide rolled out. Sightseeing with day trips and Alvajoan in Cornwall.

Not as lucky with being in the right place at the right time, I settled for other views. The sea leaves behind residues every time it rolls in and back out. Here are some that looked like they should be in a plant pot.

Waterlife - sunrays playing and reflecting in the clear seawaters laden with algae and seaweed residues. Sand below highlighted where rays hit! It is just like a well painted picture! Alvajoan in natural Cornwall.

Sun glinting in the seawaters with floating debris from natural algae and seaweeds. Certainly looked like a perfect day for a swim to me.

Booking sightseeing day trips and tours.

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Waterlife - Newlyn habour bustling with boats and fishermens workgear. A distinctively working harbour indeed. Alvajoan on tours.

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Newlyn lighthouse and a beautiful sailing boat anchored next to it. In Newlyn we get so many visitors during the season that it is amazing to listen to the languages spoken down the streets. Alvajoan in Cornwall.

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