Turning new leaves.

Old leaves make way.

Nature carries on regardless and we admire the tons of leaves on the ground every year as autumn arrives. I watch as a single multi-coloured leaf slowly drifts down on a quiet day whilst today, with storm Callum about, loads of leaves are flying around. We are, despite the odd flooding and sea debris down local roads, very lucky unlike some in Virginia USA where hurricane Michael has set to badly. Our strange weather eventually affects us all in various ways and places. Be safe and keep well! To my mind, every leaf in the whole world seem to be attracted to MY garden and rake! I found a great woodland avenue on recent ramblings near Carn Euny where nature shelters the pathway. Still leaves there though!

Tree-lined avenue in natural Cornwall near Carn Euny ancient settlement. Path looks sheltered by overhanging trees and still leaves line the ground. Sightseeing in nature with Alvajoan of Cornwall.

Prefer films to photos?

I took a short film of a tree swaying in the wind the other day. Our strange weather eventually affects us all in various ways and places. If you liked the short video, there are loads more.

Walks around Cornish nature often entail climbing over stiles in the countryside. A tiny little one is to be found en route to Sancreed Holy Well where I visited last week. Look

Tiny Cornish stile with autumn leaves on the way to Sancreed Holy Well. Out and about with Alvajoan.


After the stile, the path is overgrown by brambles and ivy which is having hey-days now in autumn. It seems a shame that those plants do not seem to close down for winter part of the year. I wish my plants all grew like the garden weeds do – I would be so pleased!

Our 2018 Most popular Tour.

With variations to suit each Tour group, without a shadow of a doubt, our most popular one for 2018 is the West Cornwall Tour. Do please email us with Your tour requests for 2019 as our diary is filling up rapidly now.

Looking forward to hearing from and being of service to you soon.

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