Tremenheere Sculpture Gardens.

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Tremenheere Gardens.

Tremenheere Sculpture Gardens has so much to see and not just the gardens. Regularly there are exhibitions in place showing off artists too. Go up the slope towards the Restless Temple then turn around you have a magnificent view of St Michael’s Mount. The Temple is a sight! Especially when the wind gusts well and the whole thing is mobile. It is counter-balanced as can be seen by the large balls below. Other sculptures include a brick armchair.

The Restless Temple at Tremenheere Gardens which has been there for some years now to see what would happen. As the winds breeze through, it can be dizzying seeing everything move with counterbalance weights below. A truly spectacular experience. Tour with Alvajoan and see Cornwall.

Large gardens with superb flora and sculptures await You once entered. Up hill and down dale like a true traditional Cornish garden! At the entrance there is a great cafe for the thirsty and hungry with facilities to boot.

As regards flowers …

I found a splendid lot of DRAGON ARUM’s in my garden and just have to share them with you. My naughty plant

Ox-blood red looking like velvet with darker hints - the dragon arum lily is quite something to behold. I am told it has an unpleasant smell too. In my garden by Alvajoan in Cornwall.

The velvety texture and the dark red colours makes these flowers unusual. I have had requests from neighbours for some.

These pretty little pink flowers with a bright yellow centre are in size about the same as thrifts but flower heads are individual. If you know the name of this plant or believe like me it may be SEA SPURREY - please confirm. Alvajoan on coastal tours of Kernow GB.

These little beauties I found along the Cornish coast. At first I thought they were thrifts but all the flowers are individual. Centre is bright yellow. Size is about the same as thrifts. If You know the name of these – do let me know! May they be Sea Spurrey’s?

Coast and butterflies.

No prizes for guessing where this photo was taken. Nice to get both the Brisons and the Monument into the same frame. Alvajoan for picture of the day. On your Cornish vacations, try out our splendid guided escorted tours of Cornwall.

Could not have a blog without photo from out lovely Cornish Coast. This one you may recognize was taken at Cape Cornwall. Pleasing to get the Brisons and Monument into one shot. Nearby I listened to the waves rolling in and it nearly sent me to sleep. You try!

Insects are rife at the moment. Sadly not in the numbers of years gone by but still – we love them.

Such beautiful butterflies out and about. This one is sharp orange with a black circle containing a lighter strip and a full stop in black below. It looked splendid against the green leaves it was resting on in this photo. Alvajoan sightseeing on day trips.

This pretty orange one looked nearly good enough to eat!

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