Today in the rain.

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Inside in the rain today.

Sitting inside listening to rain smattering against the roof, I am certainly happy to work indoors today.

Men scryfa standing proud in the Penwith landscape of grassy green fields and plenty granite. Alvajoan of Cornwall on tour.


A tour to neolithic sites around Penwith was the plan for today.

Men an tol looking good under a nearly cloud free sky with Ding Dong mine in the distance. Penwith in Cornwall by Alvajoan on tour.

This weather would have made such a tour less easy to appreciate. Luckily we were able to postpone until tomorrow and hoping it will stay dry. Noise and splatter from the rain takes me back to childhood days when we often brought out a jigsaw in weather like this. If thunder and lightning set about, we sometimes built the jigsaw UNDER a table, much to parent’s delight!

Men scryfa covered in aged lichens and moss. Writing can be difficult to trace without a good trained eye. Ding dong mine in the distance. Sightseeing in Cornwall with Alvajoan.

Rain is OK. Wind is OK. With both you get a fearsome combination of getting wet AND cold. Consequently, every chance of developing a nasty cold if too much time spent getting both wet & cold. Cornish nature however craves the salty rain we get and lives well with it.

A walk in the woods.

Scents from woodland after a rainy period for example are always tremendous. Fresh bark and wood! Recently we took a ramble around woodland by Godolphin House. You may have seen it in the TV drama series Poldark based on Winston Graham’s books. Sadly, many trees have come down as a result of storms. They are of some age so not unrealistic, but sad. Being at the tail end of winter and beginning of spring certainly the resulting in colours being all over the place.

Booma the red Kelpi enjoying a walk in Godolphin woods after the rain. Bare branches on trees speak the language of winter heading for spring with green grass and heathers spring into life. Scents were terrific after the downpour. Sightseeing with Alvajoan of Cornwall.

Above in the photo, courtesy Alvajoan of Cornwall of course, is our red kelpi having a good sniff. It takes absolutely ages to get through the woods but he loves it. We enjoy a good ramble too.

A weatherproof clad gent dashing away from my camera. Must be our Jim! Colours of leaves in trees are brown and coming to the end of their current existence. Lichen covers a lot of branches in the old trees. Fir trees look eternally green and handsome whatever the season. Roots from trees in the ground make for great hazards. Day trip with Alvajoan of Cornwall.

Bare branches or brown leaves on leafy trees with green fir trees looking strong in background. They stay wonderfully green all year around. Roots from the old trees make for excellent trip hazards on a good walk.

A whole load of dripping catkins hanging of the tree after the rain just waiting for our winds to spread. Spring is just round the corner and one can just feel nature taking a great big leap towards the next season. Tour Cornwall with Alvajoan.

Drooping wet catkins after the rain, just waiting to be spread by the winds … sounds like a poem.

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