Textures of autumn.

Textures of a Kernow fall.

Textures are often omitted when we admire and appreciate the delights of autumn / fall every year. Whilst wandering with the dog in woods this week, I found some marvellous mosses, seeds, berries, fungi everywhere and the changes from summer are striking.

Textures - from multi-coloured mosses growing with shapes now clearly visible to pines on tree branches. Textures of autumn is everywhere together with colours and scents. Alvajoan of Cornwall aim to delight You in every possible way during your day trips sightseeing.

Mosses turn into new adventurous multi-coloured shapes that stand out. Fungi grows and we merrily pick and eat the ones we know that are safe and love. Not too sure I’d eat the one below …

Fungi in the woods in Cornwall this autumn looking like a marble in wet lush green moss

Berries like raspberries and blackberries ripen and provide plenty of pudding materials together with apples. Nature provide such a rich and varied source of foods and we only use a small percentage. Processed and prepared foods seem to have overtaken us. Foraging and eating under open skies is becoming more popular again and I can understand why. Courses can give us an education in what to pick and after that how to prepare locally sourced ingredients. So, isn’t it funny how foraged food taste so much better enjoyed in ‘Mother Nature’.

Mum’s linen cupboard.

In mum’s linen cupboard it always smelled of lavender – fresh and nice. I have learned that lavender is used for helping with good sleep and relaxation. No wonder it was so widely used and appreciated. When dried, it is certainly easily tied into a handkerchief or made into a small ‘cushion’ to place where suitable for You.

Heather and moss.

Heather sets off in the autumn and provide brilliant displays of colours. It is as if the texture changes for the time.

A field lit by sun rays over trees still green and lush, flowering honeysuckle and blooming heather on the lowland ground level in a wonderful picture. Smell the fresh woodland aroma in the cooler autumn air and enjoy nature withe Alvajoan on tours.

The mix of colours in the photo below blew me away! That is to say green grasses and the bright heather on top!

Contrasting dark and light green grass underneath darker green heather flowering with lilac blooms ensuring a quite delightful look this autumn in Cornwall. Sightseeing day trips and tours with Alvajoan can take you to these special treats here.

As we walked past an old tree, I spotted the moss on a branch. It was sprouting spores to extend it’s territory and as a result, in the sunshine they looked like hairs.

Textures - This tree branch is covered with green moss delightfully lit by sun rays showing off the newly grown spores that will extend the mosses further in future. It looks hairy in texture from my camera angle. Out and about in nature with Alvajoan.


For a view of a local sandy beach with gorgeous blue tones waters during last week, check it out! Along this coast line I found some beautiful flowers too:

A large tuft of these pale lilac flowers are situated at Sennen Cove by the Capstan car park and look absolutely delightful! Admire Cornish nature with Alvajoan on sightseeing.

These are more gentle in their colours than the next lot of succulents:

Textures and colours in these bright pink succulents are cheering up the Cornish coastline at the moment and also come in bright yellow. Book your vacation tours with Alvajoan and stay HAPPY!

With Textures like these, not a single filter on any of my photos and all mine. Please feel free to share with Your friends and family. If you like what you see and read, do subscribe.

If You are taking a vacation in the UK and plan to visit Cornwall – get in touch. We shall be pleased to assist with your travel arrangements and delighted to show you our Kernow.



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