Tenby Wales 2018 on holidays.

Tenby and more on touring holiday in 2018.

The 2018 old city wall of Tenby in South Wales nearly separates a triangle off the city. With it’s ancient stones, tall towers and doorways there is most importantly a historic atmosphere here. A reminder of bygone days.One can pop into restaurants, bars, pubs and more through these doors, therefore truly a gem to walk along.

City Walls in Tenby on tour with Alvajoan in July 2018. In back ground a round tower is clearly in view.

From the harbour there are regular boats to and from Caldey Island, a ride that takes about 20 minutes.

Tenby harbour by North Beach is a busy place with lots of moored and secured boats of all varieties. Alvajoan on tour in 2018 of South and West Wales.

Caldey Island off Tenby, Wales.

Caldey Island has been inhabited since the stone age. The monastery on the island is owned by the monks who are of the Cistercian Order. These Roman Catholic monks start their day at 3.30 am with service hence bedtime comes early too. Part of their chores include making / mending things.

Monastery of Caldey Island off Tenby Wales coast inhabited by monks of Cistercian Order, a Roman Catholic order. Tour with Alvajoan in Wales 2018.

A small village has developed with a grassy square middle surrounded by a Post Office, a cafe, gift shops, chocolates and perfumes shops. Besides that, the chocolates and perfumes are made by islanders on Caldey Island.

On arrival to this beautiful island, you are greeted by golden sandy beaches and turquoise-blue waters to boot.

Sandy golden beach at Caldey Island greeting visitors on arrival. Alvajoan on tour in Wales and Tenby 2018.

Following the island path brings you to the lighthouse. From here, the island of Lundy off the Devon coast is visible. It is in fact only 45 minutes away by boat.

Caldey Island lighthouse from where Lundy Island off north Devon coast is visible of clear days. Tour Wales and Tenby with Alvajoan on holidays.

On route to the lighthouse you will pass a small celtic church on Caldey Island, St David’s. It has stained glass windows and inside reside the Caldey stone. It is thought the nave dates from the 6th century.St David's church on Caldey Island - a celtic reminder thought to have a nave dating back to 6th century as well as beautifully stained glass windows. On tour and holidays in Wales and Tenby with Alvajoan.

Caldey stone in St David's church on Caldey Island off Tenby in Wales. Alvajoan on tour 2018.Stained glass window in St David's church on Caldey Island. Alvajoan on touring holiday in Wales 2018.












Inside the small celtic church candles are lit and services held even today.

Lit candles in St David's church on Caldey Island, Tenby Wales. Alvajoan on touring holidays 2018.

Despite being commercialised, this little island is charming, beautiful and a delight to visit. If you are in Tenby, South Wales, it is well worth a few hours of your time.

For parking, go to the North Beach car park where also campers, buses and lorries fit in at a reasonable cost.

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