Tater-du, Lighthouses in Cornwall.

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Lighthouses in Cornwall, Tater-du.

Tater-du is famous amongst Lighthouses in Cornwall and has like most seen some terrible action. It was just by the cliffs here that the Penlee lifeboat Solomon Browne went down. Along the coastal path one can gain access to this area on foot and the views are stunning. National Trust look after the coast and land here. A house nearby is owned by John Le Carre although I don’t think he lives here. All around our coast, the sea is littered with shipwrecks. As a result, to have been a lighthouse keeper must have been a hard life. Having to watch horrors unfold and being unable to assist – what a nightmare.

Lighthouses in Cornwall; Accessible from the coast path, Tater du Lighthouse on the south coast witnessed some horrors in days gone past. Sightseeing with Alvajoan of Cornwall.

If we travel along the coast and Sennen Cove


Blue sky, sandy long beach with turqoise waters of the Celtic Sea and outcrop of Cape Cornwall in the background - this can only be Sennen Cove. Tour with Alvajoan of Cornwall.


and another lighthouse appear, namely Pendeen

Pendeen lighthouse overlooking the Celtic Sea

In fact, this beautiful road from Sennen to St Ives has me marvelling every time I travel it. On arrival there, of course there is another super lighthouse, namely Godrevy.

Heading Lizard side …

During the week I walked the dog around a local pond in Helston. The scenery in the sunshine was quote something. Check it out on our Facebook page.

Venturing further that way, I came upon Porthallow – a splendid little cove with stony beach, small fishing boats and friendly locals!

Some boats ashore and some anchored at pebbly Porthallow Cove with our fantastically coloured sea in Cornwall. Tours with Alvajoan.

Nearby is a splendid outlet for anybody in such need – Fat Apples Cafe. Always greeted with smiles and a helping hand.

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