Road to work part two.

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Road to work part two. Road to work part two takes me past supermarkets and shops that pop up regularly in the outskirts of Penzance. Newest are the Penzance Premier Inn which has just opened up for business. Also the … Continued

West Cornwall in scenic pic’s.

Photos of scenic West Cornwall. Whilst out and about in the last week, Alvajoan has caught some scenic photographs of our local Duchy. In between showers, misty fog and rain we have had some splendid sunny days. Temperatures have been … Continued

Preservation of endangered species.

Preservation of species. National Trust UK do a lot of Preservation work to protect and aid endangered species, be they animal or plant. At a local farm in Penwith, West Cornwall, there is a herd of rare breeds English Longhorn … Continued

St Michael’s Mount in Mounts Bay Cornwall UK.

St Michael’s Mount Cornwall. After winter maintenance since October 2017, St Michael’s Mount Cornwall is gearing up to open this season on 16th March. A true gem of a venue in Kernow, it is often featured in magazines and appear … Continued

Winter winds arrived before December 2017.

Winter winds in Cornwall came November 2017. Walking the dog, the biting Winter winds chilled my hands and face with some force today. Warming my hands on a hot cuppa and swilling the drink in my mouth to warm up … Continued