Colour purple.

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Purple is the colour now. Purple is a colour predominantly seen now around Land’s End and moorlands in Cornwall where heather is blooming. Kernow landscape is becoming very purple-colourful indeed. Lush young light green ferns and bracken lends background to … Continued

Roskilly’s in Cornwall.

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Roskilly’s Cornwall by Alvajoan. Roskilly’s in Cornwall this week gave some wonderful photos views and provided very scenic tranquillity. This organic farm produce some of Cornwall’s best ice-cream and so much more. Animals include rare breeds and if you want … Continued

A Cornwall daytrip.

A perfect daytrip to Fowey, Cornwall. On a wonderfully sunny and spring warm Sunday we toured for a daytrip to Fowey for sightseeing. Admiring the sailing boats ‘dance’ on the river water which provided a mirage of the sun-rays as … Continued