Beautiful Cornwall UK scenery and nature.

Beautiful Cornwall UK scenery & nature. Firstly, out with the dog and shopping lately, I keep spotting scenery of beautiful Cornwall UK and it’s excellent nature. I just have to share some with you today. Let Alvajoan take you by … Continued

Cornish Meadery in Mounts Bay UK.

Cornish Meadery UK. In Cornwall we have Cornish Meadery, generally family owned and run, dating back some time. Food available in these restaurants is not great perhaps in variety, but one does get a good lot of it! 🙂 Compliments … Continued

Royal Crescent in Bath in YouTube limelight by Alvajoan.

Royal Crescent in Bath in short video. It was a windy day, as can be heard in background, making filming the Royal Crescent Bath a little wobbly. Despite advesity, we succeeded and placed a result on YouTube, on our channel, … Continued

Woodlands in fall & Cities Breaks 2018.

Woodlands in fall. Some super colours and views in local woodlands on display for all to enjoy. Enchanting moss and lychens covering grounds. Underneath the tree crowns of birch with autumn leaves still on branches looking splendid against blue sky. … Continued