Swans mate for life.

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Swans choose their mates for life.

Walking my dog locally I often see Swans, white gracious creatures with their long necks and smooth gliding on the waters. They do not appear too happy with my dog though so I have to hold him back. They can inflict a nasty nip with their beaks, but often prefer to find out if I have brought anything nice to eat with me. Swans released back to their habitat are greeted by the partner with HUGS. We should take a leaf out of their lives sometimes and share a bit of warmth.

A gracious beautiful white adult swan is stood here giving me the eye. I am after all right by the cafe and should by rights have something edible on or with me. Hmmm. Or not! Birdlife in central Helston Cornwall UK is pretty good looking at the size of this delightful sample. Alvajoan showing off Cornwall, photo by photo.

This beautiful swan was not alone walking the seating area by a local cafe. Oh no, the ‘partner in crime’ seeking goodies from visitors was nearby.

Two adult white swans swimming with wings held majestically high reflecting in the boating lake water as they glide past the tall Pampas grass tuft. Alvajoan depicting Cornwall UK scenery and nature photo by photo.

Possibly not the same pair as above, but magnificent on the lake! Like a sailing boat, they glide effortlessly along without splashes. Such beauty to behold and grace to watch.

Angarrack Cornwall Christmas Lights depicting 7 Swans Swimming from The 12 days of Christmas song Yuletide

I am not sure why, in the song, swans are described in an uneven number like 7? Although the Christmas Lights at Angarrack village in Cornwall have depicted them splendidly I think. Other splendid Christmas Lights include Mousehole where today, 36 years ago, a terrible loss was felt when the lifeboat crew vanished whilst on a mission. Our thoughts are with them and all of you who risk lives to save others.

Have a super week and keep safe and warm.

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