Sunrise after blood moon.

Sunrise glorious in Cornwall.

Sunrise the morning after our recent full moon was fabulous in Cornwall over Mounts Bay. I watched the sun slowly arriving painting the sky red

Sunrise. The sky is going red with a rising sun silhouetting palm trees in front of Penzance harbour area. Winter skies in Cornwall are very expressive and vibrant. Discover Cornwall with Alvajoan.

and then: VOILA! There it was!

And here comes the sun over Mounts Bay in the morning this week. Enjoy the colourful skies with threatening clouds overhead and the nature in silhouette. Mounts Bay waters look like mirror glass. Welcome to Cornwall with Alvajoan.

The clouds above looked dark and threatening but in the distance was this round yellow disk we all treasure throwing out rays. Silhouetted by the sunlight were palm trees, other nature, buildings and in the background the bay. Mounts Bay waters that morning looked like mirror glass. After the spectacular full Super Blood Wolf Harvest Moon we had this week, the sunrise was a gem too.

Super Blood Wolf Harvest Moon Lunar Eclipse.

This gorgeous full moon was showing off to us in the evening before recent BLOOD MOON. You can even make out a few clouds nearby. What a wonderful clear night! Alvajoan visionary.

Photo above was taken in the evening but before the lunar eclipse moon appeared. You can cross via link to Sputnik and see the capture of a meteorite crashing into the moon whilst it was being filmed for the eclipse. Our moon appeared to shine stronger than normal and clouds were clearly visible nearby. It certainly does not have to be summer in Cornwall to get some seriously beautiful scenery and views.

Winter nature and wildlife.

During walks in Cornwall over the week I have come across more super flora, fauna and widlife. Let me introduce some here …

Snowdrops with their delicate white flowers and deep green leaves and stems on display by the droves in Cornwall together with other spring flowers. There really is NOT a bad time to see Cornwall. Day trips with Alvajoan.

Spring would not be spring without SNOWDROPS! These delightful white clean flowers on dark green stems with equally green leaves are indeed blessing us again.

Hellebore are flowering madly too in their multitude of colours. Here is a gorgeous multicoloured pinky with purple spots I spotted!

Pinky purple hellebore in flower locally this week in Cornwall. They are absolutely fantastic and available in so many colours. Gardens of Cornwall are an inspiration to any gardener! Tour Cornwall with Alvajoan.

Along the country lanes, I often find these bright yellow flowers with dark green leaves framing the roads. Certainly brightened up my day!

Gorgeous yellow flower with bright dark green leaves in flower in Cornwall in January 2019! Fabulous and inspiring. Nature with Alvajoan of Cornwall.

Even in Mounts Bay with it’s saltwater I often spot swans. This one was in a local pond however and I reckon he was flirting with me!

A white mature large mute swan giving me the eye at a local pond in Cornwall. With raised wings, they look angel-like! We also find them around Mounts Bay. Sightseeing with Alvajoan of Cornwall.

He certainly had an eye on me.

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‘Til next time – have a wonderful and exciting time!

Alvajoan of Cornwall



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