Sunrays in Cornwall.

Sunrays in my photos.

Sunrays appear often in my photos from Cornwall. Must be because we see a lot of them here! Or maybe just that I absolutely adore sunshine. Whatever the season, I find a bit of sunshine puts a smile on my face. It also makes me feel happy and ready to take on the day. So in traditional style, here is a fine sunray I photographed recently:

Sunray: A ray of sunshine just highlights the day so beautifully. Looks like the flowers are all trying to get into the light ... and the grass looks so much greener where the sun shines!

This ray shone through and the flowers seemed to fight to get into the limelight. And if there was a ‘seat’, the sun certainly shone on it here! Grasses in the light seem so much more colouful and sharp. Looking around in West Cornwall, the very south of the UK, you’d be forgiven for thinking it was spring here. Flowers are budding, bushes and grasses are green and lush.

You would be forgiven for thinking this was a photo from spring time with warm sunshine on greenery and a pleasant stream rolling alongside the path. Most of what you see in the photo is quite right only it is tailend of NOVEMBER 2019. This is Cornwall UK.

In this photo, I am walking our dog beside a stream that rolls into Mounts Bay near Penzance. Lush green bushes and ivy on treetrunks. It does look wonderful with a little sunshine setting the picture off! If you want alook at the flipside off the coin, I put a short film on FB. I find it stirring to view the stormy winds, waters and waves this time of the year. Streams get overloaded with water from rains and met at sea by high tides. We often get flooding on such occasions, especially with superhigh springtides.

Sunrays: Mounts Bay from the cove of Praa Sands looking out to see where the sun is shining ever so bright and sparkling away in the waters. Some fluffy white clouds in the sky are 'floating' past slowly. It is quite lovely - for tailend of NOVEMBER 2019!

Mounts Bay in the enticing sunshine at Praa Sands with fluffy clouds surrounding. What’s not to love about this picture?

Backlanes of Cornwall.

Backlanes of Cornwall in the autumn look lonely and wet but all lead somewhere. Come travel these backroads with us! This one has palm trees along one side as well as the electric and other high cables on posts travelling off in the distance ...

Along the backlanes of Cornwall we can admire the Cornish landscape well. With palmtrees lining the roads along with electric poles we soon get spoiled. One day we might even have super fast broadband round here. ‘Til then, do feel free to keep in touch by email – LOL.

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