Subtropical Cornwall GB.

Subtropical Cornwall GB.

Exeter University has classified Cornwall GB as subtropical and looking around this January I know why. Firstly, walking the dog through Morrab Gardens, Penzance we found flowering shrubs and cacti aplenty. Although it has been single figure degrees celsius on occasion, we have yet to see a frosty morning. The Gulf stream rushing past our shores just outside the very southwest of the UK helps keep our temperatures mild. Plenty of rain, sunshine and the soil from former woodland makes for terrific yields of fruit and vegetables. Local fish market and free range grown animals provide fresh locally sourced foods all year around. We are a blessed part of the UK in Cornwall.

In midwinter of December our cactuses are flowering in sub-tropical Cornwall GB at Morrab Gardens. This beauty with yellow nad pale reds were displaying magnificently and not a single snowflake in sight. Happy New Year from Alvajoan of Cornwall and welcome to our Tours Daytrips and Sightseeing for this year ahead.


It was great to see so much paper and boxes being recycled after Christmas. Be aware though, some wrapping paper – especially if plastic coated – cannot be recycled. Quite strange that papers like that are still produced when we so desperately try to reduce plastics overall. Using recycled paper in a shredded format can be so much fun! Just look at this lot enjoying their large Christmas boxes full of family presents! Keep recycling and enjoy the climate of our Subtropical Cornwall GB.

Tours in 2019.

South Wales 5-day Tour 15th to 19th July 2019.

Cornwall GB 6-day Tour 22nd to 27th July 2019.

4 Cities GB 5-day Tour 30th Sep to 4th Oct 2019.

All our Tours are limited to 14 passengers ONLY so if you have not already reserved Your seat … 🙁

We are of course also providing Cornwall Tours, Day Trips and Sightseeing so get in touch to book Your perfect private travel. Passengers from the USA come d’reckly into Newquay Airport these days and AIRPORT TRANSFERS to your accommodation can be sorted via us.A quick email with details of Your desired travels and we shall respond PRONTO!






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