Storm Ophelia greets Cornwall.

Storm Ophelia meeting Cornwall.

Waves rolling in wildly as Cornwall meet storm Ophelia in the morning Monday 16th October 2017 at Praa Sands Cornwall UK by Alvajoan

I have heeded the advise on radio regarding storm Ophelia. Staying indoors and listening to the winds howling outside. The gusts are quite considerable but as yet I have not seen any flying debris. This morning on our way to school with children, waves churned nicely at Praa Sands. Now I shall have to brace the weather though as the dog needs a walkies. In just a minute. Cuppa first I think! 🙂

Planning ahead for Ladies Night this weekend.

On the cards for a while is a charity function held in Helston. The charity is called ‘Footsteps for Frddie and friends’. They fundraise for mobility equipment for disadvantaged children of all ages. A recently set up charity, they are still in process of getting registered charity number. On Saturday 21st October 2017 they are holding a Ladies Night at Godolphin Club Helston from 7.30pm. I have got my ticket @ £20 which enters me into a raffle too, hence looking forward to this event. If YOU can come – get your ticket asap! Last night I got my frocks out and picked my star turn for Saturday. Can’t wait!

Halloween coming soon.

My dog get anxious as we get closer to end of this month. He absolutely HATES fireworks and so seem to know they are about to appear. Every year he turns into a shivering wreck when the noise and smell comes round. Have tried showing him the colours and what happends but it does not pacify him in the least. He gets loads of HUGS SQUEEZES and KISSES to calm down. Bless.

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Have a great week and carefully hang on to all loose trimmings!

Alvajoan of Cornwall UK


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