St Nectans in Cornwall.

St Nectans of Ireland.

St Nectans Glen and waterfall in Cornwall is named after an Irish hermit. We have inherited so many saints from Ireland. Saint Nectan spent time in Kernow and this beautifully stunning place importantly got it’s name from that.

A bronze sculpture of a shapely woman decorates around the woodland at St Nectans Glen and waterfall in Cornwall near Tintagel. Tour with Alvajoan and visit this stunning venue.

This shapely lady bronze sculpture decorates the pathways inside the waterfall area.

Car parking is free at Trethevy. From there it’s downhill, along a river in the woodland area followed by uphill over boulders & stones along paths. Approximately two miles each way. Along the route you come across logs with coins banged into the wood. There are some wonderful old trees, flowers and a scent that you certainly only get in mature woodlands.

Ancient moss covered tree with a large hollow looking like a marsupial from a distance. It looked stunning with the sun gleaming over the area. Day trip with Alvajoan and visit St Nectans Glen and waterfall.

Once you get to the cafe and entrance area you can already hear the roar of the waterfall. But, it is not visible from here though so you have to gain entry to complete this hike. Along the path to the waterfall I came across this splendid statue of a deer

A full grown deer with great antlers is a grand statue along the paths down to the majestic largest part of the 3 waterfalls here. Sensations for eyes, ears and nose here to thrill you. Compliments from Alvajoan.

St Nectans waterfall gushes 60 feet through a hole it has created in late Devonian slate into a basin. Out of the 3 waterfalls, this is the most impressive and revered as sacred by some.

St Nectans Glen and waterfall is considered sacred by some and coins are hammered into fallen logs for good health and or fortune. The noise is nearly deafening as you get close up to the waterfall. Experience St Nectans Glen and waterfall with Alvajoan of Cornwall.

Trevillet, the local river, is responsible for the waters we followed to get here as well as the spectacular waterfalls. At the entrance I spotted an Ice Cream parlour with local stock as well as a cafe. Sitting down for a well deserved cuppa, we spotted this magnificent hand-carved structure. Once fully carved out, it will also be decorated with locally produced glass.

The Glen's wedding venue in the making. Will look stunning as it is already gorgeous. Hand-carved wood in shapes of leaves that will be ornately decorated with locally produced glass - whats not to like? I could get married here ! Travel with Alvajoan and see the real Kernow.

Locally sourced ingredients are served in the cafe and ice cream parlour. Our Atlantic Wild West Tour can incorporate visiting this splendid venue, should it tickle your fancy. Good mobility and walking shoes are musts for this venue visit.

Day Tours in Kernow.

Alvajoan Tours consist of anything You want within reason and time frame. Popular tours are listed on our website and are NOT ‘set in stone’. Email us with your preferences and wishes and we shall reply. In conclusion, we can assist with Your perfect Private Tours on vacation in Great Britain.

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