St Michael’s Tower at Glastonbury Tor.

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St Michael’s Tower at the Tor.

St Michael’s Tower at Glastonbury Tor once formed part of a church. The site was used for worship long before the church was there. All the same, worshippers still flock to this super hill with remnants from days gone by. Looking out over the landscape around, it easy to see why the mound was terraced for easier farming. The lowlands would no doubt have been under water regularly if not all the time. The Tower does not have a roof so lets daylight in as well as rain and snow.

Inside St Michael's Tower of Glastonbury Tor which has no roof. Once there were floors here and a whoel church. A lot of history relates to this point and myths too. Alvajoan on reki in Glastonbury.

Looking up inside, there are stones stuck out to have possibly carried flooring. One entry hole is larger than the other and two sides have no entrance at all.

Doorway this side of St Michael's Tower is larger than opposite doorway. This was once part of a church up on the Tor. Sightseeing with Alvajoan at Glastonbury.

As with any stone building, it is cooling on a sunny day inside and lush grass outside invites a seated break. Although you can get a bus part way to the Tor, there is still a steep stepped walk uphill to get here. This can take a while if you are not fit.

St Michael's Tower - Larger of the two door holes into the tower of Glastonbury Tor. View all round from up on the hill is fantastic. Sightseeing with Alvajoan.

Looking out on the world from the larger doorway of St Michael’s Tower at Glastonbury Tor gives tremendous views. Glastonbury has connections with King Arthur as well as King Henry VIII.

Outside my works window.

Outside my works window yesterday I saw a fabulous person water skiing with great gusto. Fishing boats were going out and coming into Newlyn harbour as this took place. A short film of this is on our FB page or click the link above. Working along the Cornish coast often gives opportunities to catch some photos or a short film. I am so lucky!

Lite pa svenska me …

Jag kommer ju fran Malmo i Sverige och talar fortfarande svenska fastan jag bott i England langre an jag bodde i Sverige. Om ni vill besoka Cornwall men inte kora pa vara smala vagar och ‘fel’ side av vagen sa hor garna av er.

Vi hjalper till att organisera boende om ni behover det samt dagturer att besoka och titta pa det som intresserar Er.

Dagturer med svensk guide kan ordnas. Majla oss! ‘Subscribe’ till var BLOG och fa den direkt farsk nar publicerad.

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St Michael's Tower - A tremendous sky makes the Tower and mound at Glastonbury Tor look as if light is emanating from the building. Standing elevated within lush green fields and high up for all to see, it is quite a scene. Tour with Alvajoan in the southwest of Great Britain.

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