St Michael’s Mount in Mounts Bay Cornwall UK.

St Michael’s Mount Cornwall.

After winter maintenance since October 2017, St Michael’s Mount Cornwall is gearing up to open this season on 16th March. A true gem of a venue in Kernow, it is often featured in magazines and appear in films and dramas. Official Britain Magazine by Visit Britain and FInd Your Great Britain  March/April 2018 features St Michael’s Mount on pages 24-26. Header reads ‘Myths & Magic’. Cornwall is full of Myths and Magic everywhere. Turning to page 28 you can also find out about Alvajoan of Cornwall Tours and Travel, specialists in Cornwall Tours. In addition to tours of Cornwall, we also feature UK Cities Tours from London. These feature 3-4 UK cities with activities, 4* shared accommodation on B&B basis and all travel for 3-5 days. Travelling in small groups with knowledgeable escort and driver in comfort, these ‘short holidays’ are very popular.

Sunny day on Marazion beach with few clouds and St Michael's Mount of Cornwall UK reflecting like a mirror in the still waters.

West Cornwall Tour by Alvajoan.

You choose what You wish to see and visit on Cornwall Tours with Alvajoan. If it is physically possible to fit into a day or half a day – we will!

Our West Cornwall Tour is very popular and NOT set in stone. Change what you wish and make every tour Yours! Very often though, our visitors want to view and sometimes visit St Michael’s Mount which becomes very busy from Easter to October every year. Do bear in mind, St Michael’s Mount is CLOSED on Saturdays.

St Michael's Mount at low tide with exposed causeway of cobbled stones that regularly need maintenance a charming visitors venue of Kernow UK.

St Michael's Mount Cornwall with Marazion dolphin statue at forefront and light into lens making photo look neigh on black and white.







It has been dry for a few days. I have walked the dog in a local park so often he knows the flowers and birds there. Today we shall visit Godolphin woods instead and have a change of scenery.

As ever, we look forward to your comments, input, phone calls and emails so as to make reservations for this year and next 🙂

Have a super spring 2018 ! Hoping to bring photos of our bluebells soon to your screens.

All at Alvajoan.



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