St Davids city.

St Davids city.

Situated in west Wales, St Davids city is the smallest in the UK. With only a small number of permanent residents it certainly looked busy and bustling when we visited in July. The thoroughfare is pretty with houses, gardens and businesses. There are few cars in the city as most park in the adjacent car park. This parking is suitable for lorries and buses too. A walk from here through the city to the Gateway takes about 15-20 minutes. On the way, I found an ice cream stand, pretty display windows to browse and hotels with cafe in the garden. Centrally is a cash point and bank. On going through the Gateway, nothing has prepared me for the vision that greets me. St Davids Cathedral is HUGE!

View of St Davids cathedral from the Gateway of St Davids city on arrival. After a small city like St Davids it struck me as awesome and huge in size. Grassy green fields surrounds the extensive building. Tour in the UK with Alvajoan.

As we descended the steps to the cathedral, I looked back up at the recently refurbished Gateway and it looks great.

Looking back up at the Gateway from St Davids cathedral, the recently refurbished building looks great. Tour in Wales with Alvajoan - St Davids city west Wales.

And I then had the chance to get some more photos of St Davids cathedral too.

Awesome St Davids cathedral in west Wales looks majestic. Tour west Wales with Alvajoan

As we closed in on the Bishop’s Palace, I got another.

St Davids cathedral stands tall below the city of St Davids in west Wales UK. Tour with Alvajoan.

With a population in 2011 of just over 1400, the city of St Davids is certainly the smallest in the UK and very charming.

Next to the cathedral is the remains of the Bishop’s Palace. There are some ornate pieces but the Palace as such does not exist anymore.

Ornate gate to the once Bishop's Palace at St Davids. This building has long since gone and only unstable ruins remain. Tour Wales with Alvajoan.

Some walls still stand but look worse for wear and unstable.

Wall remains of Bishop's Palace in St Davids. Crumbling and unsafe. Overgrown with ivy and greenery. Shame. Tour with Alvajoan in west Wales

Finally, a last look at the sad remnants of St Davids Bishop’s Palace …

View of St Davids Bishop's Palace from the roadside. This was probably a very nice building once upon a time. Tour west Wales with Alvajoan.

I can but compare it with Wells where the Bishop’s Palace is still a building. I added a link, if you are curious.

As we ascend the steps toward the gatehouse again, I turn and get this final capture of St Davids cathedral.

Another view of St Davids cathedral from steps to the Gateway building. Superbly grand! Tour west Wales with Alvajoan.


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