Some Cornish art.

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Cornish art takes on so many shapes.

Whilst travelling West Cornwall on a day trip with clients, we found some superb art wood carvings. An old dead tree had been reshaped and decorated with skilful beauty to enhance the neighbourhood. It certainly worked for us and our clients.

What do you think?

Spirit of the Wood by Artcarvers is delicately carved animals from a dead tree in central Penzance Cornwall GB. Artists art come in all shapes and sizes and practise in all modes of operandi. With Alvajoan on day trips touring Kernow you can view these sightseeing Penzance.Spirit of the Wood by Artcarvers is situated in West Cornwall in the open for everyone to admire whilst sightseeing. Alvajoan on day tour can take you here to take in the art.












Taking a painting course with Newlyn School of Art can bring you to Perranuthnoe in Penwith. On this day, the waters visible to us in Mounts Bay looked like a boiling cauldron. Winds were coming in strong from a northerly direction and it was distinctly chilly. This did not stop our troupe of students and tutor who all spent hours painting to their heart’s delight.

The colours were quite awesome … and there is a distinct line between water and sky.

Rough English channel waters at Perranuthnoe in strong northerly winds recently created great waves plenty of white froth and churned the sands thoroughly. It looked GREAT in Cornwall on day trip with Alvajoan and for creating art.

Together with deeply coloured native bluebells in flower now are also sweet forget-me-not. It is with happiness I look at these gorgeous flowers and think back on happy childhood and family. They look like art in themselves!

Such a sweet innocent looking 5 petalled blue flower with starry yellow and white centre. Forget-me-not flowers now in Cornwall and we often see them on tours when out and about for Alvajoan.







Kernow – coastal paradise.

Beaches are sandy and stony and coastal path can be rambled on for miles. Fishing still forms part of livelihoods in Cornwall. Lots of our roads are narrow and not easily travelled so it makes sense that we have rescue services to cope. Voluntary organisations like RNLI that rescue at sea and Cornwall Air Ambulance that can go where other may not be able to are superb. They all do grand work and many owe them their life. This photo of a recent pick up by the local Air Ambulance. Three cheers for them and support with whatever you can.

One of several Cornish coastal volunteer organisations that keep us safer - Cornwall Air Ambulance. Amazingly they are not government funded. In Cornwall many sponsor them and they are greatly assisted by grateful people they have rescued and helped. We encounter them on sightseeing trips in Cornwall with Alvajoan.

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