Small Cornish beaches with narrow access.

Cornish beaches do not all have large roads leading to them.

I have photographed many Cornish beaches, but here are some with little twists as a taster. In a county riddled with mine tunnels and shafts, it can be dangerous walking about off paths. A lot of mining went out under the sea too so destruction over time takes it’s toll. This does not detract from the awesome scenery our beaches grant visitors and from all the fun that can be had there. Just keep safe in and out of the waters and mind rip tides.

Porthgwarra, part of our Cornish beaches, with turquoise glinting waters a famous Ross Poldark went for a skinny dip here. These days the area is often visited by ramblers and holiday makers enjoying the cove away from winds. Tour with Alvajoan in Cornwall and greet these out of the way places you may miss as larger busses are unable to get here.

Porthgwarra beach, small and sandy, where Ross Poldark went for a skinnydip without clothes in the drama series. We are often asked for tours to go past this beautiful little cove on Poldark Tours in Cornwall.  There is a tunnel in the rock where fishermen could take their catch from one side to the storage side when tide was out. These days transport is a little more favourable as is the appetite and crabs rarely get stored here. Here is a photo on our Instagram page of the storage chipped out of the rock at Porthgwarra.

Dramatic Cornish beaches.

This beach is on the outskirts of St Just, a large mining area in Cornwall. Road leading to is very narrow and generally overgrown so not able to come down here in a larger vehicle. The cove is Porth Nanven and when it gets a little rough you soon see it here.

Frothy swell of Atlantic waves against Cornish tall cliff coast at Porth Nanven Cornish beach on Pendeen side on a sunny summer day in 2017 with blue skies and fluffy white clouds above. Lovely weather and scenery for a Cornwall Tour with Alvajoan sightseeing Cornwall's spectacular views.Popular for scuba diving and wreck spotting. Conservation is also helping here these days. A stony even boulder beach with lots of erosion. Together with Cape Cornwall nearby, this is a super part of the more lively Celtic Sea visible from land for anyone visiting. No need to get wet!

Fishing from Cornish beaches.

This last photo for today’s blog post comes from Penberth Cove, closer to Penzance. In the cove you can see the old Capstan wheel that was used to help pull boats out of the waters. Another stony beach but wonderful soothing views on this day.

This is stony Penberth Cove Cornish beach where an old capstan wheen still stood no longer in use. Fishing boats lay out from here and a cracking view out to see, it is not strange to find fishing rods laying about. Tour Cornwall with Alvajoan and visit the extraordinarily beautiful Cornish on sightseeing.Another favourite pastime for visitors to our fair county is fishing. This photo amply caught a fishing rod just waiting for the owner to start catching dinner for that day!

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Have a super week and cheer up in the foggy rainy chillier weather wherever you are.

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