Sightseeing in Cornwall.

Sightseeing in Cornwall / Kernow.

Weather has not always been benign and kind to us this winter and spring for Sightseeing Cornwall. Here is The Scillonian III tied up in Penzance harbour for safety pending strong gusty winds. She is due to start sailing again from 19th March 2018 with reduced service in the first week.

Scillonian III tied up in safety of Penzance Marina and Harbour Cornwall England UK before touring start next month. Weather has not been good at all times so sightseeing in Cornwall is NOT order of the day today. Only small number of yachts are left in marina over winter here. Private tour with Alvajoan of Cornwall can show you this and much more.


Not many smaller boats and yachts are left in the water during winter at Penzance as can be seen. Cargo ships like the Gry Maritha sails to the IoS islands during the winter period. The islands are 28 miles off the Cornish coast but the sea and winds can be awesome around here. IoSSCo have recently added a helicopter from Land’s End airport to their services. We are also about to receive a competitor helicopter service from Penzance to the islands. Will be able to transport LOADS visitors when all available. Plenty of Sightseeing to be done in Cornwall.

Scillonian passenger ferry travelling between Penzance and the Isles of Scilly on a dily basis during Easter to end of September annually and with reduced service prior to Easter and after September. Has holidays from services for a good 3 months every year. Alvajoan of Cornwall can take you to the boat and pick up on your return. Tour Cornwall sightseeing with Alvajoan.


Beasts from the East number 2 coming – Sightseeing Cornwall can be chilly.

Recently, we had a visit by the ‘Beast from the East’. Apparently we have another ‘Beast’ on the way. Forecast for weekend is SNOW by Sunday. Our poor vegetation is no longer sure whether we are on winter or spring time! Found these splendid primroses planted in an old tree-stump looking swell.

Yellow flowering primroses planted in a hollow wooden log makes for a certain Cornish look to this superb spring presentation in Kernow on Alvajoan tours by jove. Rock on Sightseeing Cornwall.

Book Your tours in Cornwall with Alvajoan using this link to email us. We will respond and sightseeing Cornwall is well worth it!

Our Instagram page has local photos most days. Join us and admire spring arriving in Cornwall 2018!

Have a Superb weekend whatever you are up to.

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