Sightseeing day trips in Cornwall GB.

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Sightseeing day trips with Alvajoan.

Whilst on Sightseeing day trips of late I spotted the barren St Clement’s Island off Mousehole.¬†There was so little colours that day even the photo looks nearly black and white.

Sightseeing day trips and tours past St Clements island and rock-pool by Mousehole in West Cornwall on a moody day with overcast skies and the odd sun-ray coming through in piercing blue above. Stunning autumn mood by Alvajoan of Cornwall on tours.

Weather now being a little dour, the overcast skies cast a darkness to the seas. Every so often, a sun-ray would peer through, showing off a blue sky and lighting up an area. Admiring this display – it was very effective in the rock-pool.

Sightseeing reflections from overcast skies above into rockpool by Mousehole West Cornwall. Day trips and tours with Alvajoan of Cornwall can take you here.

Another day’s work took me to Sancreed Holy Well, where ribbons and other colourful items adorn the tree. This was typical for a ‘healing’ well.

A wishing well would just not be the same without an adorned wishing tree. This one by Sancreed Holy Well looking very colourful and pretty. Sightseeing with Alvajoan in Cornwall.

Down in the water of the well, flowers float and in a small cavern a lit candle throws a small amount of light inside.

Sancreed Holy Well in West Cornwall with floral tribute in water below steps and a candle lighting up the scene. Alvajoan on sightseeing day trips in Cornwall.

Beside the Holy Well stand a modern tall granite stone in Celtic design, proudly commemorating this pre-Christian, probably pagan, site.

‘View from my work’s window’

Recently I have made short films from the view out of my work’s window and posted to our Facebook and Instagram pages. They are becoming very popular and we enjoy sharing our beautiful Duchy with you all. Most importantly, You are ALL very welcome to comment on, like, enjoy and share all these and photos of course.

Not only has stormy windy weather arrived but the number of vehicles travelling our roads have substantially reduced.

On a local beach at Sennen Cove, the autumn has not slowed anyone down. Surfers are taught, ramblers and dog walkers make their ways and painters paint all enjoying the odd sun-rays. There is overwhelmingly enthusiasm, excitement and happiness in the air in Cornwall.

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