Sightseeing along Cornwall coast.

Sightseeing in Cornwall along the coast.

Sightseeing brings some wonderful scenery to view. Rugged and rough in autumn and winter yet inspiring. Authors and painters alike take their inspiration from our wonderful views with craggy rocks and wild waters. I meet foreign visitors seeking sea shells on the beaches exclaiming in delight at every one they find.

In Cornwall villages and city.

Locally produced food and drink makes sightseeing in local villages a special treat like nowhere else. In Cornwall many micro-businesses have started and proudly produce anything from ale, mead, whisky, gin, foods and salt. Fresh locally produced free range beef, lamb, chicken and pork as well as organic vegetables and freshly caught fish are on agenda.

In our one and only city, Truro, there is a fabulous cathedral and plenty shops to visit. Not forgetting the superb gardens available to admire around all of Cornwall. Some even with grand houses to boot. Here’s a snippet from Mounts Bay in the summer too:

From the sea.

From most places by the coast you can find daytrips out to sea to view our coastline from a different angle. The multitude of coves and caves dug out by the sea over the years are fantastic to see. Often we find dolphins, seals, basking sharks and more playing in the waters to their hearts delight.

Come sightseeing in Cornwall with Alvajoan and enjoy what You like.

Churning waters of Celtic sea as waves slap rocks at Cape Cornwall UK on sightseeing tour

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