Seeds in fields in Cornwall.

Seeds of plenty in Cornish fields.

Seeds are maturing in plenty in Cornish fields right now. Potatoes other vegetables and rapeseed too. Fields of pink flowering potato plants and stark yellow rapeseed provide colours beyond the flora. Hedgerows are bright with red campion, which to me is more pink than red. Buttercups coming out and along the coast some marvellous thrifts. All the pretty flowers make me happy. Hoping that the food we grow may nourish everyone is a never ending wish.

Ahh the fields of plenty are waving peacefully today in a slight breeze as they grow very high indeed. In the hazy background you can just make out Marazion beach. Love the greens and blues in this photo. Tour Alvajoan and get the scenery!

Clovers in pink flowers visited by bright green insects looked fascinating and beautiful. I may have to get some in my garden to get some cheerful bright pink in with my roses of many colours.

From Seeds? Hardly! Sweet pink flowers of the clowers have a visitor clad in green to be as illusive as can be. Cornish nature in delicate closeness. Alvajoan on tour.

Another gorgeous small flower often seen along hedgerows and roadsides are the vetch with flowers ranging from pink to purple in colour.

Seeds from these look like pea pods. Ranging in colour from pink to purple shades, there little flowers decorate our Cornish hedgerows beautifully from now on and through the summer. Enjoy!

At the Cornish coast.

Cornwall has plenty of coastal areas as we are surrounded by water. From the Tamar river up north to the Atlantic of the west and the Channel to our South and east. You can see a short film from Levant Mine and the sea battering the local rocks. This is an everyday view for us outside our works window. We are also blessed with some gorgeous sandy beaches with turquoise and blue waters to boot.

It is difficult to describe to colours on the Cornish coast by a sandy beach with tempting surf waves but turquoise, blue, purple in the horizon and fluffy white clouds above on a paler multiblue coloured skyline. A touch of green on the cliffs in a distance mignling with darker rocks with sharper green splodges catching the eyes. You really must come and see for yourself!

We regularly come to Sennen Cove for instance to paint and enjoy these picture postcard scenic views. In the distance is Cape Cornwall, one of the two Capes in the UK. The other Cape is in Scotland and named Cape Wrath. I will leave you to figure out why!

Sandy Cove in Newlyn provide the last photo today. A small tender still on a trailer slowly falling apart in our sub-tropical weather.

A Cornish Love Me Tender perhaps? This little boat amidst the greenery and nasturtiums is slowly falling apart but makes for a great object to paint when visiting Sandy Cove, which by the way has NO SAND! near Newlyn in Cornwall. Scenery around the West Cornwall coast on day trip with Alvajoan.

Flowers, grasses and more slowly growing tall all around the little boat – hiding it! One day it may disappear altogether.

Tour – sightseeing – day trip.

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