Sandy Cornish beach.

Sandy beach in Cornwall.

Sandy beaches are plentiful in Cornwall and on this sandy beach we created quite a splash over the weekend. I have never sat in a canoe to paddle before in my life. This became very obvious once we set about trying to get me into the water. LOL. We never stopped laughing and I’m sure we had quite an amused audience by the time I eventually got out paddling. So, on arrival we unloaded 2 newly purchased canoes with paddles and took charge of a patch of a gorgeous sandy local beach.

and here we go …

I was tutored by HIMSELF who had paddled canoes SOME 20 ODD YEARS AGO! How to enter canoe and put in place the splash guard. Having listened, I promptly sat in canoe in the water.  Before getting splash guard on, the very first wave nearly filled said canoe with seawater. We dragged canoe and self to shore and safety. I had rolled up my leggins above knee to avoid getting them too wet. No chance of that now! At second attempt I achieved same result apart from getting totally wet now! A young chap took pity on us and with his assistance I got launched once seated with splash guard full fitted! Paddle in hands I set off and paddled around merrily for some time.

… followed by

I watched from my vantage point as HIMSELF got seated and fell out with plenty water all over! After this attempt he settled down on the beach. I thought he might have hurt himself so I came back ashore stranding the canoe as I had been instructed. It all worked fine. He asked why I had come back in. I told him. He giggled and showed me the paddle (a wooden one) that he had taken to use. It had literally split in half so was no good! Feeling sorry for him, I let him have my paddle and helped him on his way! Once settled on the incoming waves and finding his momentum he was a delight to watch. Paddling back and forth he was in his element! By the time we finished we were both totally drenched and surprised at how warm the water was.

Sandy beach and turquoise waters of Mounts Bay with St Michael's Mount in the background under sunshine and fluffy white clouds. A true gem to enjoy summer on! Alvajoan playing holidays on the beach.

Icecream was an absolute must after a session like this! On the way home we invested in a new paddle and some proper wetsuits to carry on this new hobby of ours! Now all we have to master is the getting out to sea safely …

All the beautiful flowers I have photographed will now have to wait until next week!

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