Royal Crescent in Bath in YouTube limelight by Alvajoan.

Royal Crescent in Bath in short video.

It was a windy day, as can be heard in background, making filming the Royal Crescent Bath a little wobbly. Despite advesity, we succeeded and placed a result on YouTube, on our channel, for you to enjoy. Click on link to view. There are a few short videos that can be enjoyed at no cost. Soon we aim to put more sustantial videos on about tours and interesting venues in Cornwall and the UK. The Royal Crescent in Bath is of course only ONE of some amazing venues there. We do hope you will be able to join us on our UK City Tour 1st to 5th October 2018.

To find out more about the 5-day UK City Tour including Oxford Bath Wells and Bristol, click on link.

Christmas 2017 nearing fast.

It is now just over 4 weeks to go before Christmas is upon us. Every year around now, I panic a bit, wondering if I have remembered everybody’s Christmas cards. Should I get more presents? Are decorations OK for another year? And … the food has already begun months ago …. it is a wonder we don’t all fall down asleep come Christmas time. 🙂 What really makes Christmas for me are the children. Their little faces light up when they admire all the bright lights and decor we rejoice in adorning with for the festivities. Advent starts 3rd December this year, later than usual, as Christmas Evening falls on a Sunday.

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