Roskilly’s in Cornwall.

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Roskilly’s Cornwall by Alvajoan.

Roskilly’s in Cornwall this week gave some wonderful photos views and provided very scenic tranquillity.

At Roskilly's Arum lillies grow like mad around the ponds and show off like mad in our summer warmth. Lush green trees bushes and shrubbery completes this serene scene. Alvajoan at Roskilly's in Cornwall.

This organic farm produce some of Cornwall’s best ice-cream and so much more. Animals include rare breeds and if you want to see milking, best get in early!

In the pond areas at Roskilly's I found these gorgeous tiny ducklings having a great swim and enjoying all the fuss from passers by. The wildlife and gardens are truly de-stressing at Roskilly's. Sightseeing with Alvajoan.

Whilst I was at Roskilly’s, a lady was cleaning out and feeding animals. With her was a border collie. He took his herding very seriously as can be seen in the short film I took. I can assure you all that no animals were hurt during the filming or cleaning/feeding. So many animals take your fancy as you stroll through the farm. Back at the Croust House for ice-cream, I found the farm cat. There was also a notice stating NOT TO FEED said cat! Bet he couldn’t read that! The way he immediately seated himself next to new customers and stared at their food …

Walking in the gardens some flowers took my fancy and I decided to get the camera out!

Hydrangea in various colours are blooming wonderful in the gardens of Roskilly's. Here is a superb blue one with mingling off white flowers in between. On vacations in Cornwall with Alvajoan.

Hydrangeas here come in all colours from off white to pink and blue. They are absolutely gorgeous and huge as they are nearing full bloom.

Trustee agapanthus are coming into their own and soon they will sport a LARGE blue plumage of flowers like a ball. Alvajoan on sightseeing around Cornwall GB.

Agapanthus have started opening up and will soon be one large blooming ball. It is such a delight viewing the monkey puzzle tree and all the lush gardens.

One of this seasons litter are the pigs. They are so happy to see you they squeal and come running up.

Roskilly's: One of a litter of rare breeds pigs kept at Roskilly's organic farm near St Kerverne in Cornwall now 5 months old. As we approached the fenced area, this little piglet with all friends made terrific screechy noises and ran over to meet us! So sweet and excited! Alvajoan on day trip.

Amazingly they also find things to eat everywhere. No wonder they have put on good weight at 6 months of age. I wish them a healthy happy life.

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