Road to work part two.

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Road to work part two.

Road to work part two takes me past supermarkets and shops that pop up regularly in the outskirts of Penzance. Newest are the Penzance Premier Inn which has just opened up for business. Also the new replacement of helicopter service to the Isles of Scillies, Penzance Heliport, due to commence later this month. Neither of these have I bothered photographing for my journey to work. After the A30 roundabout I carry on towards Helston and get to the next roundabout.

Road to work part two: Approach to roundabout for Marazion and Goldsithney en route from Penzance to Helston in Cornwall UK.

Anyone familiar with the area will see this is the roundabout for Marazion to the right and Goldsithney to the left. Today it rained but we now sport a somewhat blue cloud littered sky. Makes a change to storms of which we have had plenty in the last month! So, the straighest route to my workplace is along the A394. Carrying on, I soon come past Rosudgeon with the Falmouth Packet Pub on the left.

Breezing past the Falmouth Packet Pub in Rosudgeon between Penzance and Helston in Kernow.

This very short bit of road has over years been reduced in speed to near snail pace. Amazingly, there is roadworks somewhere along this road mostly all year around. Despite this there are some very bad tarmac around drains which never seem to all be resolved despite numerous tries. To cheer myself up on Friday, I enjoyed a very happy chappy found on FB. He certainly put a large grin on my face. So catchy!

Halfway there.

On the next part on road, there are some wonderful views to admire:

Tregonning Hill in the distance with memorial on top and a wonderful view for miles.

Tregonning Hill in the distance has a great war memorial on the top and from up there, grand views allround. To the right, between trees and bushes, coastline becomes visible in places. Very teasy! I always want to see much more …

Pretty coast road along Praa Sands with lush green grass and gold course on by the seaside.

At Newtown, the road becomes coastal for a brief moment, showing off the waves at Praa Sands. Golf course and caravan parks by the coast.

Ashton coming up on an unusually clear day. If it is foggy anywhere - it is foggy in Ashton and Rinsey.

Ashton and Rinsey by the coast are certainly areas that are foggy, if there is fog anywhere. Soon after this little village, which is growing extensively atm, I arrive at work in Breage.

Here we are - Alvajoan and Classexe - in Breage near Helston Kernow UK. Welcome!

And here we are – The Classexe Group inc. Alvajoan of Cornwall Crazy Campers.

Need to get in touch for some tlc for beloved vehicle / trailer? Email or call us on 01326 565441 / 07772 777545 to book Yours in.


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