Road to work part one.

Road to work Newlyn to Penzance part.

Road to work from Newlyn with me on a sunny February morning as I come down from Gwavas heights. It is a little difficult to get photos as a result of parked vehicles that can be obstructing my route. Above all, I often think how lucky I am to have such wonderful views on my route. Today I went through the village of Newlyn and the former Fishermen’s Mission. In front of the building is a War Memorial which seem permanently decorated primarily with wreaths of red poppies.

Road to work: The Square in front of Fishermen's Mission in Newlyn has a grand war memorial permanently decorated with wreaths of poppies.

All photos in today’s blog were taken from a moving car so apologies for picture quality from the off. As we pass our local chemist and follow the main road sharply right, we note Jelberts are still closed for the winter. Along the seafront and the Victorian Promenade we take in the sunrays shining in the bay waters on this calm day. Not all days are like this one!

Coast road from Newlyn to Wherrytown and Penzance following the Victorian Promenade and Mounts Bay.

On a clear sunny day like today, the skies are looking blue with fluffy cream clouds. So, what’s not to LOVE about Cornwall / Kernow?

Beyond Wherrytown.

Palm trees being blown by the wind of the day along the play ground at Penzance seafront.

After that: Wherrytown, palm trees decorate the play area and today they look windswept in today’s breeze. On the right in photo below you can just make out St Michael’s Mount. I have linked to an awesome shot on our FB page for your perusal.

Queens Hotel on the left and the Prom being resurfaced on the right. In the distance you can just make out St Michael's Mount too.

In short, hotels, b&b’s and cottages for hire line the seafront and on the right, the Prom is being resurfaced. Above Queen’s Hotel is on the left.

Lugger Hotel on the left and the coast road goes on ...

Meanwhile, in the photo above, The Lugger Hotel is on the left.

Penzance Gallery buildings standing mainly unused ... shame!

Penzance Gallery is a mystery to me as it has been empty most of the time I have lived here (11 years odd). Last year someone painted a bit and there was an exhibition/show late in the year too. Certainly seems a shame for such a grand space.

The Yacht Inn looking bright and white in today's sunshine.

Nearby Pz Gallery resides The Yacht Inn. It shines very bright and white in the morning sunshine. Coming around the corner where The Scillonian III departure docks are, we catch the Waterside Meadery in passing and see

The Boatshed next to the Dry Docks in Penzance - sorry for lack of sharpness to photo!

The Boatshed ahead. There are some great slipways here if you are going swimming or paddling! This first part of my journeys to work will finish just after the Boatshed with a photo of the Abbey slip. I cannot get enough of the water colours along the Cornish coasts.

Abbey basin at Penzance. Waters are looking so turquoise-blue and inviting!

Crazy Campers.

Similarly, if You have a Crazy Camper that you have photographed and want to share, please email to:


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Happy travelling.



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