Rhapsody in colours.

I call it Rhapsody in colours.

With Rhapsody in colours, there’s just that little bit of chill in the wind confirming autumn is on it’s way. Leaves are leaving plants blended in colours of greens, yellows, oranges, reds, browns and black. Young fresh lush green ferns mingle with dying yellow and brown bracken. Some days are overcast, foggy misty and grey. Another day the sun shines. Indian summer or autumn? Depends on which day you call it.

Rhapsody in colours by autumn in Cornwall. Enjoy on day trips, tours or sightseeing with Alvajoan.

The sea mists come in from the waters surrounding Cornwall and envelope buildings and land alike. These can breeze in at a moments notice and disappear as quickly. It is quite magical and certainly atmospheric to experience. From the brow of Trencrom Hill, 176 metres above sea level, one can see two waters surrounding Cornwall. To the south, St Michael’s Mount in Mounts Bay and the English channel. Noteworthy: the patchwork ‘quilt’ effect of the land.

St Michaels Mount Mounts Bay as seen from Trencrom Hill. Day trips with Alvajoan.

To the north, Hayle estuary Gwithian sands and Godrevy lighthouse in the Atlantic.

Gwithian sands Godrevy lighthouse and the Atlantic to the north of Trencrom Hill in Cornwall. Sightseeing with Alvajoan

As you can see, the two photos above were taken on a grisly grey day with thick mist in the air. This did not stop us from enjoying a wonderful day out. When in Cornwall, we take clothes for all weathers every day enabling us to make the most of what gives.

Standing on a hill next to Trencrom on a fine clear day, one can see Bodmin Moor and Dartmoor. Certainly, views are absolutely stunning in Kernow.

Tater Du and Tregiffian.

Another day last week I spent on the coast of the Tregiffian Estate. Cornwall’s most modern lighthouse lies here, named Tater Du.

Rhapsody in colours with Tater Du lighthouse afore splendidly sunlit Celtic Sea behind. Sightseeing Cornwall with Alvajoan

This is the coastline where the RNLI Solomon Brown sank 1981 with all hands. Christmas Lights in Mousehole are dimmed for an hour every year in remembrance of this huge local disaster.

Tater Du coast at Tregiffian in Cornwall keeping wet secrets. Tour with Alvajoan in Cornwall and the UK,.

I find this coastline and colours it provides in sunlight absolutely stunning and mesmerising. If You want to take a Private Bespoke Cornwall Tour please do not hesitate to get in touch. We love being of assistance and most importantly show you our Kernow.


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