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Reviews from our clients are very important for any enterprise and maybe more so if service-oriented. We are so grateful for reviews, whether to TripAdvisor or on social media like Facebook. During last week, novelEnglish engaged our travel services for a group to Eden Project. Being based in rural Lizard area of Cornwall, this was considered a long-haul travel. The group consisted of 10 children aged 8 to 12 plus two adults, a mother and Deborah Turrell.

Reviews: Sweet note from 10 children travelling from Lizard to Eden Project in Cornwall UK which reads Dear Driver, Thank you for driving us to Eden. Love + their 10 names and a heart and 3 kisses below. Thank You. Alvajoan of Cornwall, part of The Classexe Group

There are many different types of training available from this business – check their website or get in touch! The Lizard area of Kernow is special in many ways and you can see this straight away. A stay here feels good. At the Eden Project I found a stunning exhibit by British sculpturer Heather Jansch.

Driftwood horse by British sculpturer Heather Jansch which stands by the Eden Project in Cornwall. Preserved for future generations in the bronze copy made that stands beside it. Sightseeing on day trip with Alvajoan

This driftwood horse is sensational! As driftwood doesn’t last forever, a copy has been made in bronze to immortalize this beautiful work.

This bronze copy of Heather Jansch's driftwood horse is impeccable and ensures Heather's work remains alive to be admired long after the driftwood has deteriorated. On tour in Kernow with Alvajoan.

Heath-er land.

Moorland in Cornwall is now displaying some sublime colours not least the heather. In pinks, purples and mauves they are enhanced by bright yellow gorse and fresh green ferns. ‘Rhubarb/raspberries and custard’ is an apt description of the spectacular scenery announcing autumn is on it’s way.

Natural beauty is plentiful in our county. This old tree looked splendid in the evening sunshine.

Old weather beaten tree along a windy back-road in Newlyn alongside a field where crops are grown looking good in the evening sunshine against a faint purple-blue-ish sky. Natural Cornwall looking good!

When I got closer to this tree I spotted a gorgeous butterfly enjoying the rays up there.

Red Admiral butterfly enjoying the sunshine in the old tree along the windy old road by the farmers field in Newlyn. Natural beauty! You can put that in a Review!

All of a sudden this week, it was as if most noise had gone and peace started settling down. Children in Europe and Scotland have started back to school and we have a little less traffic. Fear not, a new wave of visitors will arrive soon. These are people without the school bind that enjoy a little less noise and crowds. And they are in for the treat where autumn is just starting to creep in but we still have the warmth.

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