Reflections in Penwith.

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Reflections on a cliff high along the southwest coast path at Porthgwarra where I spotted two seals and a cormorant. Birds flew around the cove and sun rays reflected beautifully on the waters out to sea.

Reflections of sun rays in the Celtic Sea off Porthgwarra in Penwith Cornwall on a sunny day with the odd fluffy white cloud above. This looks absolutely delightful! Alvajoan on sightseeing in Kernow.

Great Britain coast path stretches 630 miles around our fair land and is a treasure trove to visit and use. The little stretch I am on provide some superb views of cliffs, rocks, sea, wildlife, nature and ramblers.

View from the south west coast path at Porthgwarra out over the cove with turquoise and blue waters looking inviting for a swim. Seals are often playing in the waves here and sometimes come face to face with cormorants fishing in the waters too. Tour with Alvajoan and experience our magical county.

Ancient granite blocks here are covered in lichen that have grown long like beards. Mosses too have ‘crawled’ up the sides and this block has a definite ‘hooter’.

Lichen growing like a beard on ancient granite boulders along the coast path at Porthgwarra in Kernow. This stone has a definite nosejob on the front too! Day trips with Alvajoan.

Blackberries are ripening on their thorny bushes along the path. Some bushes are generating new leaves whereas others are loosing theirs. Walking along the path gives time for reflections.

Summer is all but over but I live in hope of an ‘Indian Summer’. Warmth like in 2018 eluded us this year but it has been mild and reasonably dry. I have dried many washes on line in my garden. We have taken canoes out and paddled. New rose bushes in the garden have flowered several times and some are currently in bloom. Winds are getting up regularly and a little chillier as becomes autumn.

Getting on.

Our elderly dog Booma turned 13 in June. He is having problems with arthritis. When he feels good he still behaves like a puppy and so have caused injury to a shoulder in the process. Bless. Ageing comes to all of us and with it limitations that we have to adopt in our lives. As a result, open-mindedness and flexibility become large ‘players’ even though they can be frustrating at times. Primarily if you still think and feel like you can do it ALL and as quick as in the old days too on a good day.

Booma a red kelpi male playing with hose pipe on a good day.


As I sit writing this blog in the sun at Porthgwarra Cove, I suddenly feel watched. Peering over my shoulder is a little robin. Totally unafraid. It hops onto the bench, down under the bench, hops in the grass by my side all the time looking. Amazing!

A cheeky little robin followed me around today. As I sat writing my blog I suddenly felt watched and there it was, peering over my shoulder. Wonderful unafraid wildlife along the Cornish coast path. This can happen with Alvajoan sightseeing on day trips and tours.

If You want to come see the robin with Alvajoan – email us.


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