Prussia Cove November 2018.

Prussia Cove late autumn 2018.

Prussia Cove have some amazing views created by weather, nature and former inhabitants here. To clarify, once upon a time, the Carter family ruled the roost and were known as the ‘King of Prussia’. Easterly views from the beach towards Praa Sands, Porthleven and The Lizard across Mounts Bay are scenic. Walking around amongst the old buildings is likewise fascinating! Certainly the slate walls are more common further north in Cornwall but used extensively here too.

View from Prussia Cove towards Lizard Point in Cornwall GB. Green and lush in fields, walled by iron age stone walls into smaller areas to easily graze animals when not used for crops. Wonderful sandy beaches here when tide is out. Day trip with Alvajoan.

The first Cove after the car park is Bessies Cove. It forms part of Prussia Cove.

Prussia Cove is formed by several coves - this one is Bessies Cove. So much seaweed amassed on the sandy beach by the choppy seas. When it's stormy the froth and swell can be quite awesome. Sightseeing with Alvajoan.

In the photo you can see the water is proper churned and frothy. We were a day or so prior to storm Diana arriving and winds had picked up!

Prussia Cove once inhabited by the Carter family aka Kings of Prussia no doubt used their secret passages like the one in the photo straight into the granite wall for access to loot and plunder. Proper Cornish pirates! Tour with Alvajoan.

As regards to the Carters, it is great to see the old passages when the tide is out. This is a hole into granit wall, man-size, which no doubt served the family well in the industrious endeavours.

Storm Diana at Praa Sands.

I went through Praa Sands as storm Diana was passing and caught a small glimpse of the malevolent skies.

Worrying skies over Cornwall with storm Diana arriving. Sun rays strikingly hitting the waters below at Praa Sands. Blustery is understatement for the winds it brought! Sightseeing with Alvajoan.

Sun rays shining through the dark clouds and bringing a little light to the waves below. In this weather my photos look nearly black and white. Certainly looked atmospheric from my window. Winds were gusting up to 60 mph outside!

Wild strawberries in November.

Walking the dog today, 30th November 2018, I glanced in a garden in Breage and found this.

On the last day of November 2018 I found a wild strawberry ripening in the little sunlight we have now. Cornwall is amazing and warm for the season so far this year as can be seen. Tour with Alvajoan.

Yes, in short, you are quite right! Wild strawberries ripening in our mild climate here in Cornwall.

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