Priest’s Cove in Cornwall.

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Priest’s Cove at Cape Cornwall.

Priest’s Cove by Cape Cornwall on the Penwith coast is an erroneous name. This place has never had any clergy influence or relationship. Alas, misspelling caused the error some time ago. It is nonetheless a superb place to visit and a workplace for fishermen today as in the past. Porth Ust, meaning St Just’s Cove, was shortened and by mistake became Priest’s Cove. Cape Cornwall was known as the goose-back of St Just.

A blue and white & a yellow and red fishing boat at Priests Cove by Cape Cornwall. Brisons rocks visible out in the blue sea. Charming views. Sightseeing with Alvajoan around Cornwall GB.

When fishermen arrive in their boats, they look so small against the vast expanse of blue seas off the coast. So, one day I was visiting and got lucky seeing a boat arrive with catch. As the lone fisherman dragged the heavily laden tiny boat up the launch I could but, above all, admire him.

Launch at Priests Cove with Lands End in the far background. A fisherman has just arrived in his small boat with a catch. It looked incredible tiny coming into land on the wide blue sea. A dangerous job indeed! Day trips with Alvajoan.

Unloading his catch of fish, it was amazing how much he managed to stow into the hold of a tiny boat.

A wonderful box of freshly caught fish just coming in at Priests Cove courtesy this fisherman. Cannot get fresher than that! Love Cornwall and travel with Alvajoan.

The launch at Priest’s Cove is overlooked by the height of Cape Cornwall. Fishing, farming and mining have been the mainstay for income in Cornwall over time. These days on the other hand, tourism has overtaken them all by a long-shot. Owing to our scenic views and resistance to change, many dramas and films shoot on locations in Cornwall.

Wild roses in hedgerows.

Pale pink wild roses are prettily adorning our hedgerows along our narrow Cornish roads. Whilst bird breeding season is on, our narrow roads become narrower with flora growing in the Cornish weather. However, not until the birds have finished do we get a hedge trim again.

Dragons and such likes …

The closest we get to dragons these days in Kernow seem to be dragon flies. This week at Penberth, I found large stark green ones and smaller neon blue ones. It seem such a shame they only live for a day.

Therefore, if you want to take a sightseeing day trip or tour in Alvajoan comfort, email us details.

Off to some wonderful looking part of Cornwall, so for now – have a grand day!



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