Preservation of endangered species.

Preservation of species.

National Trust UK do a lot of Preservation work to protect and aid endangered species, be they animal or plant. At a local farm in Penwith, West Cornwall, there is a herd of rare breeds English Longhorn cattle. Slowly but surely, the herd is growing and I spotted a couple of calves on my visit in July this year. These are not native to Cornwall originally but being endangered means they get help here too.

English Longhorn cattle is a rare breed requiring Preservation. National Trust keep a her at a Cornish farm to promote a happier longevity for these animals. Tour with Alvajoan in Cornwall and the UK.

As an area Head Ranger in National Trust you certainly have to be a ‘jack of all trades’. On our Day Trips out we have met a few and their knowledge is substantial. Newlyn School of Art have during 2018 had days out with these wonderful people and it has been amazing. Access was granted students, tutors and ourselves to areas normally not travelled by vehicle so new pastures could be admired and painted.

Purple Viper’s Bugloss and more.

Arable weeds sounds impressive. You should see them on the ground in July every year. Here are some photos I got of the Purple Viper’s Bugloss in flower this July.

Preservation of Purple Viper's Bugloss entails growing them in great abundance with Cornish mild subtropical climate to aid at farm in Cornwall owned and managed by National Trust to enable seeds to be reaped and the future for these exquisite blossoms to be secured. On sightseeing tour and day trips with Alvajoan.

I am convinced some wondered how to re-create the intricate colour schemes of these arable weeds in their paintings. With the very bright Corn Marigolds standing out like little suns amongst the blue-purple fields of Purple Viper’s Bugloss – so did I. The fields looked gorgeous although at beginning of July this year they were not quite all in flower.

Intricate colours of Purple Viper's Busgloss are superb. From blues to purples with lighter lines along the flower petals, these are beauties. Found at a farm in Cornwall owned by National Trust where the future for these and Corn Marigolds is secured. Day trips sightseeing with Alvajoan.

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There is so much to see, visit and do in Cornwall.

Poldark and Doc Martin have certainly brought the crowds to Cornwall GB and we welcome you all with open arms.




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