Portheras Cove Kernow.

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Portheras Cove.

Portheras Cove is not one to visit by car. It resides nearby Pendeen Lighthouse and has a wonderful sandy beach with gorgeous turquoise and blue waters to boot. So, park up and get your walking shoes on whilst bringing the swim gear.

Portheras Cove after Church Cove off Pendeen Lighthouse on Cornish coast of Penwith on a sunny spring day. What more can you wish for than sandy beaches and beautiful weather? Day trip with Alvajoan in Cornwall.

This spring I have seen a pair of Cornish Choughs in the area and they apparently nest there. Nearer the beach I found two Cormorants diving for fish in the choppy waters. There must be fish here as Pendeen Fishermen’s Mission building is here together with fishing boats. Walking your dog here can be enjoyable! Look at this pretty sight

This pretty boat is still being used to catch fish and empty crab pots along the Cornish coast. Laid up at the Pendeen Fishermen's Mission, it has a fab background of Portheras Cove with large sandy back. Fishing in the sea here, I spot Cormorants and nesting nearby is a pair of Cornish Choughs. Superb bird watching with Alvajoan in West Cornwall on tour.

Consequently, if you go swimming here in the sea – take care! Read up on the currents and how to swim safely where there are no life guards.

Porthgwarra Cove.

In Porthgwarra Cove we often find little fishing boats laid up. They are still used by local fishermen to empty crab pots along the coast. Before today’s hectic traffic in Cornwall, they sometimes had to store their catch in nearby hollows / caves before getting it to market. Most coves in Cornwall are charming to get impressions from for painting, sketching and drawing. Many groups from Newlyn School of Art come to the Penwith area and naturally the coast to enjoy a good day out.

I was thoroughly amused by this very British scene recently. A tent was placed on a local beach and 2 children played with spades and buckets whilst the cold northerly winds swept in and cooled the bare legs. 'You WILL enjoy yourselves at the seaside/beach', never mind the weather' sprung to mind! Otherwise stunning views over launch from Porthgwarra with one fishing boat tied on the ramp. A wonderful day was had by all! Tour with Alvajoan of Cornwall!

This particular cove is reputed to have had Ross Poldark swimming naked in the waters. I wonder if he frightened the seals that reside around here ??? In the little cafe here, they have books and postcards relating to Poldark. On one occasion I was here with guests on tour and saw a Dalmatian Pelican. They are not normally in Great Britain but certainly from China to Greece on the mainland. Local roads were lined with people staring in binoculars and cameras trying to sight the dear birds. I, however, think they came here as a pair because we had great summer weather! Compared to a large seagull, the dalmatian pelican looked 3-4 times the size.

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