Pink camellia in January.

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Pink camellia in West Cornwall.

Pink camellia in bloom in January 2020. These plants are such a delight! With their vivid superb strong colours and coming out just when we need them most! In bleak grey January, often with low funds after Christmas and New Year, these blooms cheer up no end. Next to our work place there are rows of them already showing off.

Pink camellia vividly in bloom already this January. Such wondrous colours in these plants.

Whilst strolling with the mutley, they caught my eye and so consequently I was there with a camera.

During the winter and spring trees often look quite eerie. All leaves off and birds nests like large blobs among the branches. This is certainly an excellent time for spotting critters homes in the trees. Large holes into the centre of the tree trunks point to animals using it for habitation.

Anything from mice and rats to larger rodents like squirrels create their homes in holes like these. Dreys, a spherical build made from twigs leaves bark and grass, usually just bigger than a football are made by squirrels.

Such wonderful housings in the local trees. Wonder what critter inhabits this one? A large hole into the tree...

Meanwhile, if you have some great photos of trees in the same vein near you, feel free to share them.

Visiting a sale recently, I found just the present for Him. I felt it reflected Him well. In short, I got an underlay for mugs.He did have a good laugh!

Found this used mug underlay for Himself at work! Chuffed he was! National Stud.


Semi-retired available PSV / PCV drivers.

In semi-retirement, we now have importantly spare PSV driver CPC badged drivers kicking about. Being self-employed, we can work as many / few hours as You require.


Calibrated Ferodo Tapley brake meter on floor mounting block for sale £75

This used Ferodo Tapley Brake Meter on floor mounting block is being sold. Calibrated and in it’s own box. Full good working order. GB£75.

Aluminium telescopic non-slip loading ramps for up to 600 lbs / 272 kgs. Extends to 5 foot / 150 cm. For sale.

Aluminium telescopic non-slip loading ramps extending to 5 foot / 150 cm for up to 600 lbs / 272 kgs. GB£50.

Call to view / buy: 01326 565441    OR    07772 777545

Email via our contact us page or to:

Have a great week.





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