Phone booths in Cornwall.

Phone booths – blast from the past?

Phone booths are still maintained and in use around small coves in Cornwall. Even today we cannot get signals for mobile / call phones into these areas so old-fashioned communication devices live on.

Phone booth in bright red in a Cornish cove still in working order. Out here you may not have signal for your cell / mobile phone so these old life savers are kept in good condition. Alvajoan on tour.

Many have been decommissioned and now find themselves full of books or converted to shelters. Possibly a cheaper option than having them removed. This particular phone booth is situated in Porthgwarra and a gem!

Phone Booths: Next to the old fashioned 'mobile', ie the red phone booth resides another red item. Letterboxes have traditionally been red in Great Britain as far back as I can remember. Alvajoan day tripping in Cornwall.

Next to the telephone is another bright red item – a letter box. Just think! So much functionality without ‘modern’ electricity in one spot. As I wandered around this picturesque cove with just a hand-full of houses I gazed at the seals playing in the waves.

Deciding that I could do with stretching my legs, I set off for the Coastguard Watch at Gwennap Head. Scenic views over the Celtic Sea greeted me as soon as I got atop of the hill. Breezier up here, but warm and sunny. Rambling on towards Porthgwarra I followed the Coast Path past rocky outcrops lining the coast. Swell from the tides and weather were pounding the shoreline. I have linked to photos on our FB page from the walk. Nearing Porthgwarra cove, I found butterflies still fluttering about having fun.

Small tortoiseshell butterfly common i the UK and still fluttering about second week of October 2019 in Cornwall. Beautifully decorated wigns with small blue triangles. Beautiful! Alvajoan sightseeing.

The small tortoiseshell butterfly has some wonderful wing decorations. This was joined by a red admiral.

A red admiral butterfly was keeping the tortoiseshell butterfly company along the coast path in Cornwall. Alvajoan in nature.

I’d say the wildlife and nature is stunning around here and certainly the highlight of my route-march today!

Mounts Bay in October 2019.

On a Sunday afternoon, I took our red kelpi Booma for a walk along the coast between Newlyn and Mousehole. Sun shone and there was just a hint of a breeze.

Our red kelpi Booma taking me for a walk along the coast from Newlyn to Mousehole on a sunny Sunday afternoon. If I get too far behind I get 'the glare' saying :- 'Come On!' Alvajoan taking an afternoon off.

If I got too far behind, I got the glare: Come on then! from his lordship. Nearby along the coast I saw cormorants diving for fish. They seemed unafraid of our presence. Then I turned around and had a good gaze:

A blue sky with fluffy white clouds above the blue sea of Mounts Bay along the stone edged shores by Penlee Quarry looking out at St Michaels Mount in the distance. All basking in sunshine! What a gorgeous autumn day! Alvajoan on break.

It was stunning! Little white fluffy clouds in a blue sky. Reflections in the blue waters of Mounts Bay below. St Michael’s Mount in the distance and rocky shoreline beside us. A moment for reflection. Another flowering season has passed and left are dried seeds and stalks …

When the flowers are all gone, only the dry seeds and stalks remain. This photo caught such event well. Alvajoan in Cornish nature.

I am already looking forward to next spring!

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Until next time – Keep warm, well and happy.



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