Penwith early March 2020.

Penwith March 9th to 13th 2020.

Penwith early March 2020 when spring is in full swing in Kernow, our Cornwall, UK. A working week driving groups of painters from the Newlyn School of Art around can incorporate many venues. Each venue has it’s own specialities but the same venue can look spectacularly different 5 days on the trot.

Penwith: Catching some waves from the RoundHouse car park in Sennen Cove with rain smattering down on the window and waves being blown terrifically over rocks and shorlines. Quite a picture to paint!

Our first day in my second week of outdoor works fo the school went to Sennen Cove. No sooner had we parked, unloaded and set up than a 5-minute heavy shower arrived. Thoroughly soaked, the group decided to stay on and paint regardless. So, with implements to hand and good spirits, this 10-person strong group persevered. Photo from the day; a raincovered window with waves pounding rocks at the coastline as they come in.

On day 2, we visit Pendeen Watch. The wind is so strong, the group has to shelter in the car park closer to Boat Cove Portheras. Once there, they got on with some painting.

Between Pendeen Watch lighthouse and Boat Cove Portheras there are some quirky areas of well-weathered stones. Around this area there were lots of seals on the day we visited. Blue and turquoise waters, choppy with waves brought in by heavy winds again. All looked magical.

My photo is between the car park and Boat Cove with a rock catching some great waves. Plenty of seals around this area being as curious as we are! Sometimes it is difficult to hold the camera still in the coast winds we have!


Midweek and day 3; we visit Botallack. Famous for mining further back in time and for Poldark in the more recent past.

Views from the heights of Botallack normally incorporates the engine houses from the mining era but here I focussed the other way - southbound and the coast is lined with frothy scum as the waves pound the Penwith coast yet another day. Marvellous blue waters with a light purple horizon and blue skies. Windy though!

Looking southwards, Stunning scenery with white swell along the coastline and rocks. Whilst wandering around, I heard choughs making their unique calls in the valley. Enjoy the lush greenery and the blue-turquoise seas with a mid-purple horizon and blue skies.

Thursday we visit Cape Cornwall and find the group pounded with rain again before painting in the blustery environment.

The Brisons off Cape Cornwall's coast are pounded by waves creating great white shorses and lots of white froth along the shoreline. The manmade swimming pond below not quite reached by waves in this photo. A wonderfully breezy and wavy day!

The Brisons are still residing off the coastline and today it was thoroughly cleansed in salty seawater waves!

Friday we went to Marazion beach and enjoyed the breeze and sunshine there. No photo – just a link to a crackin film-snippet in FB. Enjoy!

Jessie – in memoriam.

Jessie was our ‘baby’ since 8 weeks old and moved with us to Kernow over 11 years ago. She suffered with diabetes and had insulin daily. She absolutely LOVED the sea, beaches and water anywhere. Approaching Penzance, she would have her face outside the window snorting in the scents. A walk on the beach or along a river ALWAYS entailed splashing in the water and swimming. An absolute STAR! 1997-2009 RIP.

Jessie: A black longhaired collie with a white star on her chest was our Jessie. 1997-2009: RIP. We had to let her go on Friday 13th March 2009 and guess what! We just had a Friday 13th March again - exactly 11 years later. A commemorative cherry tree in our back garden reminds us of her great character every day.

Until next time, keep safe healthy and happy.

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